About Academic Health Sciences Centres

An Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC) is the UK government's description of the research and healthcare structure adopted by many of the world's leading academic institutions and hospitals.

King's Health Partners was first accredited as an Academic Health Science Centre on 9 March 2009 by the Department of Health for five years. We were successful in the re-accredition process to be an AHSC for a further five years - from 1 April 2014 to 2019. You can read our application by clicking here.

Based on breaking down barriers and increasing cooperation and focus, AHSCs seek to combine basic and translational health research, clinical care and education to create world-leading improvements in healthcare.

Leading international examples of this integrated approach include:

The centres speed up the time it takes the NHS to access new and better quality treatments and approaches to improving health because of the unique partnerships between researchers and NHS staff working at the front line delivering patient care.


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