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A core ambition of King’s Health Partners is the provision of excellent education and training for healthcare professionals, students and support staff.

This is vital in ensuring that our workforce remains skilled and equipped to deliver improvements in healthcare, and also for training and educating the next generation of clinicians and academics. Training our staff and students in research techniques and methodologies is also important for achieving research excellence.

Education and training across King’s Health Partners ensures consistent standards of excellence, the sharing of good practice and innovation, and making the best use of resources. We:

  • provide world-class, innovative education and training in a wide range of health disciplines and create a culture in which learning is informed by research;
  • train and develop the entire workforce;
  • identify, nurture and train the future leaders of the healthcare professions;
  • give opportunities to students who have the talent, but not necessarily the educational qualifications, to pursue careers in healthcare disciplines;
  • impact upon our local communities by increasing patient access to health data and educational resources;
  • provide leading global healthcare education;
  • affect a cultural shift in educational practices towards learning techniques that include the best, proven technological developments.

The Education Council oversees all our education and training activities. Its members are senior colleagues in education and training across our partner organisations, and together they ensure that education remains at the heart of our Academic Health Sciences Centre. 

Education and training across King’s Health Partners
Our Education Academy oversees the education and training activities of our partner organisations and includes all students, staff and trainees. It draws together expertise across King’s Health Partners to develop and deliver innovative education and training programmes.

The King’s Health Partners Learning Hub enables all our staff, students and trainees from our partner organisations to easily access a wide range of online teaching materials.  A variety of learning materials have been developed including e-learning resources, podcasts and videos.

Our Faculty of Healthcare Improvement provides a centre for patient safety across King’s Health Partners, sharing and promoting ideas and best practice across our partner organisations.

In addition to our Education Academy, Learning Hub and Faculty of Healthcare Improvement, we provide a range of other education opportunities for staff, students and trainees including undergraduate health programmes, and an integrated academic training programme.

Education Academy Annual Report
The Education Academy publishes an Annual Report. Click on the links below to download the reports:


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