Our organisation

Our organisation

Our vision

King's Health Partners pioneers better health and well-being, locally and globally, through integrating excellence in research, education and training, and patient care.

Our mission
We aim to become the UK's leading Academic Health Sciences Centre by:

  • driving the integration of research, education and training and clinical care, for the benefit of patients, through our Clinical Academic Groups (CAGs);

  • considering all aspects of the health needs of our patients when they come to us for help;

  • improving health and well-being across our ethnically and socially diverse communities and work to reduce inequalities;

  • developing an AHSC that draws upon all academic expertise in medical science and also in basic science, social science, law and humanities;

  • delivering a radical shift in healthcare by identifying ‘at risk' groups, based on genotype and lifestyle, and helping them to avoid illness;

  • working innovatively with stakeholders in the redesign of care pathways, including the delivery of care closer to home.

Our values and guiding principles
Our values and guiding principles will ensure that we will work together effectively across the partnership and with all our stakeholders to:

  • Always put our patients first: by ensuring that the patient is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Focus on pioneering research: by rapidly and efficiently translating new discoveries into practical actions and benefits for patients locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Provide innovative learning opportunities: by bringing together educational, academic and clinical expertise to deliver a world-class learning experience for students and the entire workforce.

  • Work in partnership: by building on and extending clinical and academic collaborations and links locally and globally.

  • Transform the nature of healthcare: by moving from treatment towards population screening and disease prevention.

  • Deliver excellence: by setting new standards of achievement in patient care, research, and education and training.

  • Disseminate knowledge: by ensuring benefits from our innovations are widely adopted.

  • Exercise scholarship in everything we do: by being enquiring, thoughtful, reflective and challenging to ensure that everything we do adds value.

  • Be inclusive: by designing systems and procedures so that everyone is actively encouraged to become involved and has the opportunity to do so.

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