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King's Health Partners brings together research expertise across a comprehensive range of scientific areas, clinical specialties and sub-specialties.

Our strengths in neuroscience, psychiatry and mental health, together with disciplines such as medical and molecular genetics, public health sciences and imaging, enable us to deliver better health and well-being for the whole person.

Placed in the heart of London, our partnership has access to around 60% of the city's population or around five million people, giving us opportunities to translate our research into patient benefits for a large and diverse population.

We follow the research pathway from fundamental scientific discovery and experimental medicine through to clinical trials and health services research to ensure that patients benefit from scientific and healthcare innovation. Our Clinical Academic Groups (CAGs) enable this to happen within specific clinical specialties by bringing together research activity with clinical services and education. Visit the Clinical Academic Groups page to find out more.

Across our partnership we host a wide range of research centres, as well as being partners in several national and international research collaborations. We aim to foster an active and diverse research environment.

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