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Awards for tackling the most challenging areas in healthcare

NHS InnovationCongratulations to teams at King’s College Hospital and Guy’s and St Thomas’ who won two of the nine awards at the ‘NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes’ ceremony on Tuesday 12 February. The winning innovations included using home videos to monitor patients with epilepsy and a pioneering preterm surveillance clinic for expectant mothers at risk of premature labour.

Monitoring patients at home

Dr Franz Brunnhuber and his team at King’s College Hospital won the ‘Improved Diagnostic Investigation’ award for a pioneering home video telemetry service for patients with neurological disorders like epilepsy. The innovation, called ‘Kings@Home: an innovative Home-video-telemetry service (HVT)’, uses a novel mobile data recording unit to film the patient at home rather than in hospital.

The team piloted, evaluated, developed and finally implemented this new clinical service of home video-EEG telemetry (HVT). The new home service matches the recording quality of the inpatient environment, and has been successfully used in all age groups. It has been especially helpful in patients with epilepsy who also have learning difficulties and patient satisfaction for the service is consistently high. The monitoring technique also means that seizures are recorded in the patient’s natural environment, so is of particular interest for future research.

Watch this short film to find out more about the innovative system:


Pioneering premature birth clinic

The preterm surveillance clinic at Guy’s and St Thomas’ won the ‘Better Management of Pregnancy’ prize for its success in reducing the number of premature births in south east London.

The clinic focuses on screening for, treating, and preventing pre-eclampsia and premature birth. As a result of this approach, 90% of high-risk women seen at the clinic have had a healthy baby at full-term, compared to a national average of 50-70% of women.

The care provided by the clinic means that premature birth rates have reduced by 15% in the high-risk local area, despite nationwide increases in preterm birth. The clinic is now the largest preterm clinic in the world and has influenced the development of similar specialist clinics in the UK and abroad.

The award was collected by Andrew Shennan, the obstetrician who leads the Guy’s and St Thomas’ clinic and who is also Professor of Obstetrics at King’s College London. Professor Shennan said: “We are delighted that the preterm surveillance clinic has been recognised for its innovative approach.

“Premature birth is often caused by a combination of different complex factors, and no single strategy has been effective in reducing pre-term birth rates. We are very proud that our clinic is bucking that trend, by offering a unique package of care for high-risk women, based on best research and clinical evidence.”

You can read more about the preterm surveillance clinic on Guy’s and St Thomas’ website here. Here is a short film about the clinic:

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