Posted by Community Manager on 25/01/2013
King's Health Partners recognised for excellence in Parkinson's

PArkinson's logoKing’s Health Partners is one of only two centres in the UK to receive the status of National Parkinson Foundation Centre of Excellence for the treatment and research of Parkinson’s disease.

This internationally-recognised specialist status distinguishes the achievements of the King’s Health Partners’ multi-disciplinary team that provides the best possible care and treatment for patients with Parkinson’s.

Led by Professor K Ray Chaudhuri, Director of the National Parkinson Foundation Centre of Excellence at King's College Hospital and King's College London, the team spans across neurosciences, nursing and therapies, and provides a full spectrum of services.

It also acknowledges the integration of care with research and education across the service. Innovations include a patient advisory group for research, an international training course for specialist Parkinson’s nurses, and consultations via Skype for patients who can’t make it to hospital.

King’s College Hospital Chief Executive, Tim Smart, and Medical Director, Michael Marrinan, officially unveiled the plaque awarded by the National Parkinson Foundation. It is displayed outside Suite 5 at King’s College Hospital where the Parkinson’s outpatients clinic is held.

Professor Chaudhuri said, “This award is a fantastic achievement and recognises a real team effort across King’s Health Partners. By integrating patient care and research we aim to provide the best possible treatment for patients with Parkinson’s now and in the future.”

Michael Marrinan, Prof K Ray Chaudhuri, Tim Smart

King’s Chief Executive, Tim Smart, unveils the centre of excellence plaque with Medical Director, Michael Marrinan (left) and Director of the service, Professor K. Ray Chaudhuri (centre)

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