Posted by Community Manager on 26/02/2013
Green light to develop Full Business Case

The King’s Health Partners Board has agreed to develop a Full Business Case for proposals to create a single academic healthcare organisation. The process will consider various organisational models to achieve our vision, including a possible merger of the three Foundation Trusts.


On Wednesday 20 February the King’s Health Partners Board agreed to proceed with the next stage of developing a Full Business Case (FBC) for proposals to create a single academic healthcare organisation. 

The partners are mindful of the changed environment since the Strategic Outline Case was developed in July 2012, and are clear that the FBC programme must acknowledge and respond to recent developments, particularly when scoping the shape and governance of possible new organisational forms.

Our partners are committed to a process of strong local stakeholder engagement throughout this process and will listen to our internal and external partners, including local MPs. We will address the requirements of our local patients as well as those from further afield.

A dedicated delivery team is being established, led by William McKee. It will be overseen by the King’s Health Partners Board and the FBC Steering Group, a subset of the Partners Board. We expect the Full Business Case process to conclude in Autumn 2013.


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