Institute of Urban Population Health


We are fully committed to supporting the identification, delivery and evaluation of public health policy and interventions to meet the needs of the populations of South East London.

To support this, we are developing plans for a new Institute of Urban Population Health and Care as a collaboration between King's Health Partners, Local Authorities, wider partner organisations, local residents and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to bring about transformational change to health in local communities. We want to achieve a measurable improvement and impact on health gain and local management of physical and mental health.

We know that our partners value this goal and are keen to work together to ensure our research and service innovation addresses local and international issues to reduce inequalities in health and burden of disease. The Institute will also be focussed on the development of world leading research output and international impact.

The new Institute for Urban Population Health and Care will be developed as part of our new Institutes Programme, and will also support other emerging institutes to place public health at the heart of their plans.


Our new institute will be focused on:

  • improving the health and wellbeing, including mental wellbeing, across our ethnically and socially diverse communities and working to reduce inequalities;
  • transforming the nature of healthcare, by moving from treatment towards population screening and disease prevention;
  • being inclusive, by designing systems and procedures so that everyone is actively encouraged to become involved and has the opportunity to do so.


The new institute will focus on a number of key areas that support the London Health Commission's ambitions and which we feel will have the greatest impact on the health of our population:

  • Improving quality of life
  • Improving early years health
  • Addressing the needs of those with mental illness
  • Tackling inequalities
  • Changing unhealthy habits
  • Utilising big data
  • Interventional research
  • Applied research & implementation science

Helping London deliver

In the London Health Commission’s report ‘Better Health for London’, there were a number of ambitions identified to support London to become “the world’s healthiest major global city … a city that helps people make healthier choices; … that focusses on improving the health of the most vulnerable; … providing consistently excellent care for people when they need it;”. The priority focus for London to 2020 is better health, which “means all London’s communities and families making different and better choices” around their health and wellbeing.

We take our role in the health economy of London very seriously, and are determined to do our bit to improve the health of the city.