The Cardiovascular Clinical Academic Group (CAG) provides extensive heart services for patients in south east London and Kent, hosts a British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence, and delivers outstanding training for clinicians and researchers.


Our CAG integrates the Cardiovascular Division of King's College London and the cardiology, cardiac surgery and vascular surgery units at Guy's and St Thomas' and King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts.

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The CAGs cardiovascular services are among the largest in the UK and include the pioneering transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) programme, comprehensive interventional cardiology and cardiovascular surgery programmes, and advanced diagnostics. They are complemented by substantial research, strength in health failure, multi-modality imaging, atherosclerosis, vascular risk and biomarkers.

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The CAG delivers a comprehensive rage of innovative education and training programmes, including high profile non-clinical and clinical PhD programmes, Masters programme, academic trainee programmes in cardiology, clinical pharmacology and vascular surgery, and specialist cardiology, cardiac surgery and vascular surgery training.

Key achievements in education include:

  • Continuing to deliver our postgraduate Cardiovascular MPhil/PhD/MD programmes: provide firm heads (Professor Chowienczyk, Professor Marber, and Dr Modarai) and continue as the Lead Provider for cardiology SpR training in south London.


Our research is driven by the need to translate basic science into clinically relevant advances which will result in better care for patients. The platform for this is the King's British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence, based in the King's College London Cardiovascular Division  and one of the two largest such centres in the UK. The British Heart Foundation Centre integrates world-class basic and applied research that uses state-of-the-art methodology to elucidate fundamental mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disease and develop new diagnostics and treatments. 

Some of our most significant research advances are in the fields of heart muscle disease, heart failure, advance imaging-guided interventions, and novel biomarkers.

We are the UK’s largest combined clinical cardiovascular service with excellent interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery and vascular surgery. We also rank in the UK’s top three centres for cardiovascular research. In light of these combined strengths, we have a major opportunity to move towards being a truly world-leading integrated cardiovascular unit.
Professor Ajay Shah, Cardiovascular Clinical Academic Group Leader

Cardiovascular Clinical Academic Group Leaders

Professor Ajay Shah, Cardiovascular Division, King's College London