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Clinical Neurosciences

The Clinical Neurosciences Clinical Academic Group (CAG) is one of the largest centres for neurology, neurosurgery, neurophysiology and neuropsychiatry in the country.

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The CAG is using our collective expertise to become a globally leading Neurosciences Institute. The Neurosciences Institute aligns our clinical, research and academic strengths, improving service delivery and enhancing patient outcomes across south east London and Kent. The Institute's aim is to become world-renowned for experimental medicine research in neurological conditions and the most highly-rated UK centre for training in clinical specialties and basic neuroscience. One of the key focuses will be on driving the integration of mental and physical health to treat the whole person.

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The Clinical Neurosciences CAG continues to provide world class specialist services in stroke, epilepsy, movement disorders, motor neurone disease and neurofibromatosis. We are national leaders in neuropsychiatry, clinical neuropsychology, functional neurosurgery, paediatric neurosurgery and neuropathology.

We host a large regional neurosciences centre at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust servicing south east London and Kent. We are a national leader in adult and child neurosurgery, and also national leaders in delivering immune modifying therapy to patients with multiple sclerosis. Our child epilepsy surgery service is one of four national centres in England. We are also international leaders in home video telemetry.


The CAG delivers a broad range of highly rated education and training programmes. They include MBBS students, a BSc in Neuroscience, and MSc's in Neuroscience, Clinical Neuroscience and Epilepsy. We have shared postgraduate taught courses with, for example, St Christopher’s Hospice and a Membership of the Royal College of Physicians Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills (MRCP PACES) course in neurology at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. 


The CAG has a large portfolio of research network adopted research studies. Clinical Research Network: 26 studies (213 patients); Stroke Research Network (SRN): 24 studies (414 stroke patients); 38 Pharmaceutical commercial studies (191 patients).

We have 11 full time clinical-academic staff, more than 50 funded research projects, a grant income of £16.8m, and more than 100 publications.

Innovations and achievements

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  • See 70 examples of key achievements from across our partnership in our CAGraphics booklet.
We provide a world class clinical neurosciences service to our local population and beyond. Our neurosurgery is the most subspecialised and comprehensive in UK. Our brain tumour outcomes (survival) is the best in England and Wales at one year. “We are committed to translating scientific and research discovery into real, tangible treatments for patients and are currently developing a remote monitoring systems in epilepsy and sleep disorder, to monitor patients at home and simultaneously see data from a base hospital and automatically analyse it.
Dr Jozef Jarosz and Professor Mark Richardson, Joint Leads Clinical Neurosciences CAG

Clinical Neurosciences Clinical Academic Group Leaders

Dr Jozef Jarosz - Consultant Neuroradiologist, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 

Professor Mark Richardson - Vice Dean of the Division of Neuroscience at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London