The Psychosis CAG brings together the largest group of psychosis expert clinicians, researchers, academics and clinical staff in the world.

Our CAG has 50 teams, 650 staff and provides treatment for over 7,000 service users across Southwark, Lambeth, Lewisham and Croydon.Psychosis CAG

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Our services fall under one of three care pathways: early intervention, which provides community care for people at high risk of psychosis, and people experiencing a first episode of psychosis; promoting recovery, which provides community care for people with a psychotic disorder who are not in an acute crisis, but require continued treatment; and complex care which provides rehabilitation services across four inpatient wards, as well as community based placement monitoring and review services. The complex care pathway also covers our national service, the National Psychosis Unit, which provides services for service users with complex and co-morbid psychosis.


We have a track record in providing innovative education and training. We were the first Trust in the country to set up postgraduate training courses in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Family Intervention for Psychosis. A key strength of our CAG education and training structure is its interprofessional nature. The integration of provision across professional groups and between the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and academic institutions is excellent.

Key achievements in education include:

  • First year of a newly developed Masters in Early Intervention course was attended by 30 students, double the number expected.
  • Psychosis specific training programme developed to support the implementation of a major CAG organisational change project. The Adult Mental Health (AMH) project is being implemented in two boroughs, Lewisham and Lambeth and is based on research outcomes from the early intervention pathway. The success of the programme has brought forward the implementation of the AMH project in two other London boroughs.


Our research activity is organised within each of our four care pathways. This has fostered the development of early intervention, relapse prevention and treatment resistance as academic specialities in their own right. 

We have a clear ambition to develop the first comprehensive, stage-specific psychosis service in the world, based on our for 'care pathways'.
Professor Philipa Garety and Professor Philip McGuire, Joint Leads for the Psychosis CAG

Psychosis Clinical Academic Group Leaders

Professor Philipa Garety,  Clinical Psychology, King's College London

Professor Philip McGuire, Psychiatry and Cognitive Neuroscience, King's College London

Lucy Canning