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First of its kind brain tumour post

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has appointed the first clinical nurse specialist to focus on quality of life for brain tumour patients.

brainThe low-grade glioma specialist nurse position at was awarded to Ms Charlotte Robinson and is funded by the Brain Tumour Charity. The role is set to help develop a service where a holistic support network is established to cater to all brain tumour patients’ needs.

Explaining her objective as a low-grade glioma specialist nurse, Ms Robinson said:

I want to do all I can to be there for patients with low grade brain tumours – whether that is with advice on symptom management or emotional support and someone to talk to.
I’m really excited about the potential this role has for patients and hope to make their experience as straightforward as possible.

Figures from the Brain Cancer Charity’s 2016 report Finding myself in your hands: the reality of brain treatment and care showed only 53% of patients with a low-grade tumour had access to a single point of contact. The report highlighted that when people did have access to a clinical nurse specialist, 74% reported being satisfied with the care they provided.

Keyoumars AshkanIn contrast, those without a specialist nurse or other single point of contact were more likely to report a high symptom burden, say that their brain tumour had severely affected their emotional or mental health, to disagree they had good access to information on managing symptoms and to disagree that the healthcare professionals they dealt with understood brain tumours.

Commenting on the new appointment, Keyoumars Ashkan (pictured), Professor of Neurosurgery at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said:

The unmet need to address the holistic care of these patients is an area of high priority and this appointment will go a long way to progress our neuro-oncology service in general and the low-grade glioma service, in particular, in the quest to meet these challenges.
This unique development is a witness to the shared ethos and vision of the Brain Tumour Charity and King’s Health Partners to provide world-class care for our patients.

The appointment represents another step forward in our aim to join up mental and physical healthcare. Read more about how we’re integrating mind and body care on the Mind & Body Programme page.

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