Blood cancer care revolution

A new specialist Mind & Body Team at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, funded by the charity Leukaemia UK, will be the first in the country to offer integrated physical and mental healthcare to people living with blood cancer. 

Ghulam MuftiThe initiative is championed by Ghulam Mufti, Professor of Haemato-oncology at King’s College London and Consultant Haematologist at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. 

The project will revolutionise blood cancer care by putting mental health support at the centre of every patient’s treatment and will be piloted at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The launch represents the first Mind & Body Team dedicated to the needs of people living with blood cancer and brings together excellence in both clinical and psychological care. The team will work at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for a two year period after which it is hoped that the initiative can be extended to other hospitals. 

Professor Mufti said: 

We are extremely grateful to Leukaemia UK for all the support that they have given us over the years. It is essential that we continue to research leukaemia to get rid of this disease but equally it is also important to support the body and mind, particularly the mind. The implications of treatments such as chemotherapy and transplants make the patient’s psychological journey huge and the Mind & Body Team’s work will reflect that. It is a fantastic project and globally unique.

leukemia uk launchThrough the Leukaemia UK Mind & Body Team, people affected by blood cancer will routinely receive psychological support where needed. Treatment will be established soon after diagnosis and continued regularly throughout treatment, and in some cases, beyond. It is hoped that by making emotional support an integral part of everyone’s treatment, psychological problems may be identified early or even avoided altogether.

[Image, left to right: Angela Smith-Morgan, Prof Gulam Mufti and Dr Sean Cross]

Angela Smith-Morgan, Chief Executive Officer of Leukaemia UK, added:

We believe that the Mind & Body Team will help to drive through a fundamental change in care, both for people with a blood cancer, and for their families, who need support as much as they do.
We are incredibly proud to be funding this new team at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, excited to see the difference it will make to lives, and looking forward to supporting such centers around the country.

Visit the King’s Health Partners Mind & Body Programme website to find out more about how we’re driving integrated mental and physical healthcare.

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Visit the Leukemia UK website for more information.