Imaging and Biomedical Engineering Outcomes Book published

King’s Health Partners has published the first Outcomes Book from our Imaging and Biomedical Engineering Clinical Academic Group (CAG).

Imaging CAG book Imaging is the medical discipline of taking pictures of the body to see how it functions. It enables us to diagnose illness, to make decisions about care, monitor its effects and, in some cases, to deliver treatment. Biomedical engineering is the physics, maths, engineering, chemistry and biology that underpin the technology used in imaging. The Imaging and Biomedical Engineering CAG Outcomes Book shows how we are making the best use of imaging services to deliver high quality care.

Our Imaging and Biomedical Engineering CAG provides comprehensive imaging facilities and expertise across clinical radiology, nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET) and medical physics and engineering units of Guy's and St Thomas’ and King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts. At King’s College London, we have a strong programme of research covering everything from new devices and radiotracers to software which simulates the structure and function of the body.

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The book highlights innovative aspects of the CAG’s work, including:

  • The multidisciplinary and complex nature of imaging services across our partnership and the rates at which we perform imaging procedures (such as angiography, CT, fluoroscopy, MRI, X-ray, and ultrasound)
  • improving patient experience - the CAG has constructed specialised immobilisation devices for patients having radiotherapy treatment, to enhance quality of imaging and enable more accurate diagnosis, contributing to better clinical outcomes
  • service innovations - particularly Transforming Outcomes and Health Economics through Imaging (TOHETI), a programme which aims to show how imaging can be used more effectively as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool across a range of common patient pathways
  • education and training - the CAG hosts one of only three MSc programmes in England accredited to provide the academic component of NHS training for medical physicists, and the only such programme for clinical engineers
  • research and innovation - the group has supported research development in nearly all of our 22 CAGs, authoring more than 1,500 research articles since 2010.

Professor John Moxham, Director of Clinical Strategy at King’s Health Partners, said:

I congratulate the Imaging and Biomedical Engineering CAG on publishing their first outcomes book. Not only does it feature critically important data on the clinical effectiveness of the CAG’s services, the book shows how research, education, and clinical practice in this area are driving improvements and innovations in the field of imaging, the bedrock of almost all clinical pathways.

Commenting on the publication of their outcomes book, Professor Andy Adam, Bernadette Cronin and Professor Paul Sidhu, co-leads of the Imaging and Biomedical Engineering Clinical Academic Group, said:

For us, this book perfectly articulates the Imaging and Biomedical Engineering CAG’s efforts to improve patient care, by providing the most highly skilled imaging specialists and scientists, using the best equipment, and the latest cutting edge technology.
Diagnostic imaging is at the heart of modern medicine and provides vital support for the majority of clinical specialties. Moving forward we will continue to push the frontiers of medicine through our group’s developments in research, education, and clinical practice.

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