Media highlights

8 September

Autism, long seen as a mainly male condition, affects hundreds of thousands of girls and women whose condition has gone undiagnosed, researchers believe. Hannah Hayward, researcher at King’s College London, spoke to The Times.

7 September

The i speaks to Varsha Jain, an academic space gynaecologist who studied at King’s College London, who offers insights into what happens to women’s bodies when they enter zero gravity.

6 September

The BMJ reports that trainees and locums who often work at different NHS sites will soon be able to get an “NHS passport” that will enable them to move easily between sites, without the need of two day inductions and other admin including pre-employment checks. NHS England said that the national roll-out followed a “successful” pilot scheme led by the King’s Health Partners.

4 September

Vegetarians have a lower risk of coronary heart disease than meat-eaters but a greater risk of having a stroke, research covered in the Guardian has found. Prof Tom Sanders of King’s College London commented: “It may well be that people who follow alternative diets are less likely to take blood pressure lowering medication for hypertension and as a consequence suffer a stroke.” New Scientist, Yahoo and Daily Telegraph also reported.