Film launched highlighting the power of art at Maudsley Hospital

‘Beauty in the Overlooked’ follows artist Harold Offeh who has worked with staff and patients at Eileen Skellern 1 (ES1), a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit in Maudsley Hospital, to help transform the ward.

Hospital Rooms, a charity that commissions artists to transform mental health units helped make the project possible, and the trust has now launched a short film to highlight the impact it has had.

Harold Offeh transformed the TV Room with vibrant photographs created with the help of patients on the ward. Harold set himself and patients the challenge of trying to find the beauty in the everyday urban environment. Together they created the thin-film interference phenomena in the unit courtyard, where oil on a wet surface is refracted with light to reveal colours and patterns.

Dr Faisil Sethi, Consultant Psychiatrist, ES1 said:

This project has significantly enhanced the quality of care provided to our patients in the psychiatric intensive care unit. The patients, artists and clinicians have worked together to create something quite extraordinary.


Harold Offeh, Artist said:

I think the work of Hospital Rooms is really important because what it really is saying is that there should be no barriers to people experiencing and living with art.


During the project, the Hospital Rooms co-founders, the artists and ES1 staff discussed the specific requirements of the ward and shared clinical expertise. The artists have lead art workshops with service users to gather their ideas.

Hospital Rooms and contributing artists have, as a result, been able to change the physical environment of the ward with the help of staff and patients from Eileen Skellern 1.

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