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HPV vaccine almost eradicates risk of cervical cancer in young women

According to researchers at King’s College London, a recently published report on the HPV vaccination underestimated the positive effect of the regime.  

HPV VaccineIn a letter published in The Lancet, research carried out by King’s College London proposes that the HPV vaccine can prevent 97.6% of infections over the next eight years in vaccinated women. The analysis also predicts that it almost eliminates the risk of cervical cancer in women vaccinated in early adolescence. 

A previously published piece of original research analysed results from 65 articles with data on approximately 60 million people to estimate that the vaccination reduced HPV infection in the target population by 70% within one to four years of vaccination and by 83% within five to eight years of vaccination. However, new research highlights that the effect of the vaccine had been underestimated. 

Researchers from King’s College London have considered the impact on vaccinated girls from 14 countries and concludes that the efficacy is 92% one to four years after vaccination and 99.8% five to eight years after vaccination. 

Lead author, Peter Sasieni from King’s College London, said:  

Our analysis finds that the near-perfect efficacy of HPV vaccination in randomised controlled trials is realised in real-world settings.
These results imply that the impact of HPV vaccination on preventing cervical cancer will be even greater than estimated previously.

The authors from King’s College London and Queen Mary University of London hope this will influence the implementation of HPV vaccination programmes with high coverage in adolescents and to ensure that global vaccine production is increased to meet the demand as a result. 

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