New module for clinical students with entrepreneurial aspirations

We spoke to Kamran AhmedBarbara Webb and Professor Ute Stephan about King’s College London’s new undergraduate Clinical Entrepreneurship module. kclbusiness

This innovative module will be jointly delivered by King's Business School, the Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine and the Entrepreneurship Institute, King's College London, from September 2020.

Can you tell us a little about the new module?

Kamran Ahmed: The Clinical Entrepreneurship module is for clinical students interested in developing their entrepreneurial ambition. It provides a hands-on opportunity for students to develop their skills and understanding of entrepreneurship in a clinical setting to enable them to take on future leadership roles in the healthcare industry.

Barbara Webb: The course looks at the theoretical and practical perspectives of what we mean by entrepreneurship and gets students up to speed with the pace of innovations and changes in healthcare technology, while developing their own business ideas.

Students are assessed on the quality of their unique business proposals, by pitching to a panel of entrepreneurs and experts in a dragon-den style setting. They also develop a reflective portfolio, where they look at their own entrepreneurial skills and how to develop them.

What are the benefits of the course?

Professor Ute Stephan: Entrepreneurship is essential if we want to positively contribute to global challenges and create a better society. Making entrepreneurship part our future clinical leaders’ DNA is vital in ensuring a resilient and sustainable healthcare system. Our module applies entrepreneurship through a clinical lens, with the aim of creating strong healthcare leaders for the future equipped to spot opportunities for innovation.

What is the course comprised of?

Barbara Webb: It runs over two semesters and is led by Professor Ute Stephan at the Business School, King's College London. The course is made up of lectures, tutorials and interactive workshops. Topics include:

  • the entrepreneurial process and innovation
  • entrepreneurial skills, abilities and personality traits
  • scaling-up: high growth and international entrepreneurship
  • clinical Entrepreneurs: how to look after your mental and physical wellbeing for effective decisions
  • sustainability, ethics, responsible entrepreneurship and innovation.

For further information, please contact Kamran Ahmed:, Ute Stephan: or Barbara Webb