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A leader in education and training

The Education Working Group at King’s Health Partners Cardiovascular delivers collaboratively designed courses for our world leading clinical practitioners.

This Valentine’s Day, we went speed-dating with colleagues at King’s Health Partners Cardiovascular to find out how the work they’re doing is improving patient care.

Education Working Group, tell us about yourselves

Our staff are the heartbeat of King’s Health Partners Cardiovascular.  We are committed to transforming service delivery and generating research advances to revolutionise cardiovascular prevention and care, and none of this would be possible without our exceptional and committed staff.

mike marberThe Education Working Group is committed to being a leader in developing our current and next generation of nurses, doctors and clinical staff to make our patients live longer, healthier lives. We lead on the development and implementation of joint education and training projects across King’s Health Partners Cardiovascular. Our leads include Professor Mike Marber [pictured right], King’s College London, David Hardy, Project Manager at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Ralph Murdoch, Practice Development Nurse at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

Our joint education projects include academic programmes within King’s College London and education and training opportunities for staff across King’s Health Partners Cardiovascular. Both these arms are crucial for the development of the highly skilled workforce that King’s Health Partners Cardiovascular needs to serve its patients and become a world class centre for cardiovascular education and research.

What are you looking for to improve outcomes and patient experience for those with cardiovascular disease in south east London?

Our new short course, Principles of Cardiovascular Healthcare, aims to create confident, knowledgeable clinical practitioners in the field of cardiovascular care. The individuals will have an understanding of the disease process, conditions and national guidelines associated with the care of patients with cardiovascular disease.

The course was developed by staff working across King’s Health Partners, with primary responsibility for teaching at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and quality assurance provided by colleagues at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. We aim to partner with King’s Health Partner’s Education Academy to give the course Continued Professional Development (CPD) credits, providing additional benefits for our staff.

Are you looking for something long-term? Where would you like to see this project going?

The project will form a key component in our staff training portfolio, and joint training projects are crucial to our ‘One Team’ ethos which ensures joined-up, smarter ways of learning and working across organisational physical boundaries. We continue to create a workforce across King’s Health Partners Cardiovascular which is grounded in best practice and uses standardised protocols and processes. This will provide high standards of patient care and greater career opportunities for staff.

Valentine’s Day is all about partnerships.  What do you value most about being part of King’s Health Partners?

King’s Health Partners provides the opportunity to tap into a broad range of expertise and experience and share ideas across a wider pool of staff than is available as a single organisation.

Our reach in supplying education and training opportunities is commensurately broader and enables a greater impact to be generated in terms of upskilling the workforce across south east London.     

Want to brush up on your cardiovascular skills? Take part in the Anticoagulants and atrial fibrillation e-learning on the King’s Health Partners Learning Hub, or register for the Advanced Cardiology Practice by Clinical Echo Cases, run by the Advanced Society of Endocardiography.

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