Celebrating International Women’s Day at King’s Health Partners

We celebrated International Women's Day by catching up with some of the amazing leaders in our team who will help shape the future of King's Health Partners.

This International Women’s Day, we sat down with our Managing Director Jill Lockett, and Joint Directors of Clinical Strategy, Dr Natasha Curran and Dr Rachna Chowla.

Jill, Natasha and Rachna share advice about starting out in a new career, and how working together as a partnership is beyond what we can achieve alone.


We also spoke to Jill, Natasha and Rachna about their journey to King's Health Partners, and the exciting plans for King's Health Partners over the next 5 years:

In conversation with Jill Lockett

Our Managing Director, Jill Lockett, discusses our Global Health Partnership work in Sierra Leone, the significance of our Mind & Body programme and our progress in Informatics


In conversation with Dr Natasha Curran

Joint Director of Clinical Strategy, Dr Natasha Curran, talks about her experience as a pain specialist and what this brings to her current role, and the importance of working towards an integrated care system.


In conversation with Dr Rachna Chowla

Joint Director of Clinical Strategy, Dr Rachna Chowla, highlights the significance of the Vital 5 and the work being done in value based healthcare, and the benefits of education and training in supporting ongoing development.


If you want to meet more of our team, visit our About Our Team page.