Brain Awareness Week at King’s Health Partners

To mark Brain Awareness Week, 16-22 March 2020, King’s Health Partners Neurosciences share how they’re bringing together world-class research, education and clinical practice to drive improved outcomes for patients living with neurological conditions.

brain awareness week infographic 2020

Five areas of neurosciences research that could shape the future 

Prof Mark Richardson, Joint Director for King’s Health Partners Neurosciences, has chosen five ground-breaking examples from the Institute to demonstrate the future impact of King’s Health Partners Neurosciences’ research.

World-leading neurological recovery

Dr Jozef Jarosz, Joint Director for King’s Health Partners Neurosciences, explores how neurorehabilitation plays a key role in providing a world-leading service for patients recovering from neurological conditions.

Big data and AI delivering better care in neurosciences

Dr James Teo, consultant neurologist at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, tells us how big data and AI are being used to advance care for patients with neurological conditions across King’s Health Partners Neurosciences.

Dance for Parkinson’s

The Scaling-up Health-Arts Programmes: Implementation and Effectiveness Research (SHAPER) study is the world’s largest ever study into the impact and scalability of arts on physical and mental health. Prof Ray Chaudruri explores how a study into ballet classes can improve the social wellbeing of patients living with Parkinson’s.

Three new ways we’re driving excellent education and training

King’s Health Partners Neurosciences education and training lead, Dr Gez Finnerty, shares three ways the Institute is providing excellent education and training opportunities for staff.