Media highlights

Tuesday 5 May

Life Lines – keeping families connected 

The i covered intensive care patients given tablet computers to connect with their loved ones. 

Monday 4 May 

‘Awake’ surgery to protect against coronavirus 

The Evening Standard revealed that cancer patients are being kept awake during operations to protect them from coronavirus. Guy’s and St Thomas’ have increased the use of “awake” surgery – which avoids the need for general anaesthetic and intubation – to encourage patients to undergo life-saving treatment. 

Sunday 3 May 

Baby name tribute to doctors 

Boris Johnson and his fiancee Carrie Symonds named their baby boy Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson. BBC News, the SunTelegraph and Mail were amongst many to report the name ‘Nicholas’ is a tribute to two doctors, Nick Price and Nick Hart, who treated the Prime Minister while he was in hospital with coronavirus. 

Saturday 2 May 

Plasma trial uses survivors’ blood to treat coronavirus 

Coronavirus patients will be given the blood of survivors of the deadly disease as part of a new treatment being trialled at London’s Guy’s and St Thomas’. There was widespread national media coverage including BBC NewsChannel 4 News, the MailTimesTelegraphGuardian, and Metro

PPE and essential donations 

In The Observer, Ainne Dolan-Williams talks about donations of food, PPE and essentials at King’s College Hospital. 

BBC Newsreader praises King’s College Hospital staff 

In Southwark news, BBC newsreader Huw Edwards has revealed he was off work for three weeks recovering from suspected coronavirus and praised the staff at King’s College Hospital. 

28 April 

Using blood plasma to help COVID-19 patients

Sir Prof Robert Lechler was on the Radio 4 Today programme talking about how people who have recovered from COVID-19 could help people with the virus get better. 

Study reveals three different reactions to coronavirus  

A new King’s College London analysis of polling by Ipsos Mori has found three different reactions to lockdown – the accepting, suffering and the resisting. 

The research was covered by The Daily Telegraph (1) (2) (3Daily Mail (and in print) Sky News (and in broadcast), Manchester Evening News, ForbesThe GuardianThe Conversation, BBC Radio Scotland and Independent

27 April 

Local population supporting frontline staff 

A group of Bromley residents is supporting frontline NHS staff by crafting ear protectors which relieve the strain of wearing face masks for long periods. 

Oliver Bailey has launched a campaign to support NHS front line staff as a tribute to the King’s College Hospital team which helped treat his boy, Henry, who was born in 2018. 

COVID Symptom Tracker App

New research based on data from the symptom tracker app received coverage in Manchester Evening News, The Sun, The Sunday Times, The I (1) (2), The Guardian, Daily Mail (1) (2), Daily Mirror, Daily Express, The Scotsman, The National, Medical Xpress and Daily Star.

The app was mentioned on Channel 4 News, Sky News, talkRADIO, BBC Gloucester, BBC Kent and Russia Today.

24 April  

How COVID-19 affects the vascular system

Prof Ajay Shah, consultant cardiologist at King's College Hospital, London comments on the range of illnesses people experience with COVID-19, in The Telegraph. 

23 April  

Private healthcare facilities available to NHS 

Private healthcare facilities have been made available to NHS patients in recent weeks. It has meant some cardiac patients at King’s College Hosptial considered at high risk if they contracted COVID-19 are able to undergo critical surgery.