Being Kind to Yourselves

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we’ve collated the latest wellbeing resources from across our partnership made for you.

We admire how friendly, generous and considerate you are when caring for patients and staff. It’s important you also share this kindness with yourselves, by taking breaks and making the most of wellbeing resources here to support you, especially during such unprecedented times.

Read on for the latest wellbeing resources available from King’s Health Partners:

Online COVID-19 staff and wellbeing materials 

Our webpages share materials on building individual and team resilience, managing distress, developing adjustment skills, providing access to peer support network and stress management tools.

There are plenty of wellbeing resources recommended, including 1,000+ hours of free Headspace content, websites from Psychology Tools and Future Learn’s new three-week course on the implications of COVID-19.

Wellbeing hubs across King’s Health Partners

A number of wellbeing hubs and rest and recharge zones have been created on site across our three partner trusts, along with an online health and wellbeing hub created for King’s College London staff.

Six tips on mental health and wellbeing

Together with Health Innovation Network, King’s Health Partners Mind & Body team put together advice and guidance for staff on managing their health and wellbeing, including topics such as managing fear and resilience.

You can apply these tips to your new working environments. You could share them with your teams and colleagues and use them as a starting point for regular check-ins. 

Five self-care tips from King’s Global Health Partnerships 

Colleagues who volunteered with the King’s Sierra Leone Partnership in response to Ebola epidemic in 2014-16 share advice on how to look after yourselves working during a pandemic.

12 health and wellbeing videos

The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neurosciences, King’s College London, recorded an online public event called maintaining health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Presenters deliver brief five - eight minute talks on how to maintain health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as maximising sleep, eating more healthily and working on relationships, using health psychology theory and evidence.

Learn something new

For colleagues working from home who are looking for professional development opportunities, the Integrating Physical and Mental Health: Training for services using IMPARTs e-learning is now available on the Learning Hub, along with a new area dedicated to COVID-19 materials and professional development courses.  

Stay up to date on the right information on COVID-19.