“Breathe” – mindfulness sessions during the pandemic

Learn more about an online initiative that provides daily mindfulness sessions for all.

Chang and SonaliBreathe started at the beginning of the UK lockdown by Dr Chang Park [pictured right, left-hand side] and Dr Sonali Sudarshi [pictured right, right-hand side], in an effort to support NHS staff and colleagues during this challenging period. 

Dr Chang Park, a GP, Mind and Body Champion and yoga teacher based in London, and a Dr Sonali Sudarshi, a GP and yoga teacher based in Hertfordshire both recognised the power of mindfulness, meditation and breathwork to mitigate the effects of stress, anxiety and burn out for everyone - patients and colleagues alike.  

They decided to set-up an online opportunity for everyone to experience these benefits.

The "Breathe" initiative uniquely offers live meditations meetings , three times a day. You can tune in at 7am, 1pm, 7pm (BST), seven days a week. 

Anyone is free to join to check in, breathe, reset and feel supported.  The short 10-15 practices are led by yoga teachers who are themselves health professionals (for example GPs or counsellors) or other senior teachers who have generously offered their time and expertise.

Although originally set up to support NHS colleagues through the pandemic, these meetings are open and now free for all to join, whether that be for a single session or many.  People have joined not just from London and the home counties, but from Cornwall, Newcastle and as far as France and Barbados!  

The project continues in the hope that these practices can offer simple coping tools, accessible to all, not only during this period of crisis but for life, as we continue to navigate whatever challenges lie ahead. 

Join us: www.slowe.yoga/nhs-breathe

Contact Dr Park at: https://www.kclnhshealthcentre.com / cpark1@nhs.net

Contact Dr Sudarshi at: http://www.slowe.yoga / s.sudarshi@nhs.net

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