Working remotely: e-IMPARTS

Patients will be able to complete their e-IMPARTS up to 24 hours before their outpatient or virtual appointment.  

MindBody_front.pngIntegrating Mental & Physical healthcare: Research, Training & Services (IMPARTS) seeks to bridge the gap between mental and physical healthcare in hospital. Physical and mental health problems often go hand in hand, leading to challenges for the individual and those around them, resulting in poorer health outcomes as well as increased healthcare costs. Traditionally, physical and mental health issues are treated in isolation and health services aren’t joined up to treat the whole person.

IMPARTS was developed to address this issue through an evidenced based integrated care model, where patients are treated holistically. The IMPARTS package aims to improve the support available for patients experiencing psychological distress such as anxiety, low mood or depression, and receiving treatment for a physical health condition. Specialist education and training is available for clinical teams in response to mental health needs, and a stepped care pathway is identified for each service.

Patients are traditionally asked to complete an IMPARTS screening in an outpatient clinic, usually in the waiting room before their consultation. The IMPARTS screening tool is a web based informatics platform collecting patient reported outcomes on a variety of themes, such as emotional wellbeing, quality of life, pain, and disability, as well as condition-specific symptoms. The information is uploaded to an electronic health record in real time, allowing the patient’s healthcare professional to review and discuss the information during the patient’s consultation.

In the coming weeks, we’re putting the “e” in “e-IMPARTS” by making the screening available to patients outside clinics, and in their homes. e-IMPARTS is currently being piloted in Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust’s ear, nose, throat (head and neck), and intensive care follow up clinics and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s rheumatology and musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy outpatients, launching more widely across our partnership as soon as piloting is complete.

Patients will have the option to complete their IMPARTS screening remotely on their own personal device, up to 24 hours before their appointment in clinic. Patients will no longer need to be based at a clinic to complete their screening information, giving them more time to fill in the questionnaires, with the option to do it in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

To access the screening, patients will be sent a link in their appointment reminder text message, giving them more time to complete the survey than before. Of course, if patients prefer to complete the IMPARTS screening in clinic, that option will still remain open.

Talking about the move to e-IMPARTS, Jessie McCulloch, Senior Project Manager in the IMPARTS team at King’s Health Partners said:

Giving patients the opportunity to complete the IMPARTS screening remotely is a really positive step. Patients now have the freedom to answer personal questions about their health and wellbeing in their own time and wherever they choose on their personal devices. This will allow their consultation to be a focused conversation on what matters to them.

King’s Health Partners Mind & Body is committed to joining up mental and physical healthcare, training and research to improve health outcomes for our patients and service users.

To learn more about IMPARTS, take part in our free online class, hosted in collaboration with Future Learn, beginning on 15 June 2020.