Education and Training for You – our postgraduate students and clinical trainees

Completing your undergraduate health degree and moving onto the next stage of your academic and professional career is a pivotal and exciting time.

Course training supportWhether you are studying for a postgraduate course at King’s College London, or working as a clinical trainee at one of our leading NHS Foundation Trusts – Guy’s and St Thomas’, King’s College Hospital or South London and Maudsley – we, at King’s Health Partners, are here to support you in your study and provide you with exceptional education and training opportunities.

The King’s Health Partners Education Academy brings together our Clinical Academic Group (CAG) education and training leads, with experts in their field, to facilitate a broad and unique spectrum of training and education that supports the very best patient care and treatment. They bring together clinical and academic experts from our CAGs, who provide the foundations of our partnership and ensure integrated ways of working across research, education and clinical practice within King’s Health Partners. 

Here are some of the ways our partnership supports you with education and training opportunities if you’re a postgraduate or newly qualified clinical trainee:

1. Our e-learning platform – the Learning Hub

Our Learning Hub is free resource available to you as a part of the King’s Health Partners community. Materials are focused and give you the information and skills you need to put what you learn in the classroom into clinical practice. Listed below are some examples of the types of resources on offer that would interest to you as a postgraduate or clinical trainee.

All you need to do is login to the Learning Hub using your partner organisation email address – King's College London, Guy’s and St Thomas’, King’s College Hospital or South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, and add these to your basket, for free:

Communications skills

  • Academic Writing – this course is helpful to anyone returning to academic study after a long period of time off or preparing to study English for the first time. Only taking around an hour to complete, it covers the key differences between academic and non-academic writing styles and useful tips for essay structures.
  • The Clinical Decision-Making module helps practitioners reflect on their own clinical decision making and offers strategies to help teach these skills.
  • Communication in Healthcare explores the value of verbal and non-verbal communication skills in healthcare and takes approximately an hour to complete.
  • The Deaf Awareness in Healthcare module uses simulated scenarios to demonstrate some of the obstacles these patients face when accessing health services, and practical ways to facilitate improve your communication skills with deaf or hard of hearing people.

Mind & Body resources


  • Haematology Case of the Week is a series of clinical case presentations and seminars delivered by members of King's Haematological Malignancy Diagnostic Centre, with guest presentations from other colleagues across King's Health Partners. The series covers topics like trauma haemorrhage and the Natural History of POEMS Syndrome – a rare blood disorder that damages your nerves and affects other parts of your body.
  • Our CAG workshops explore a variety of themes such as insights from the COVID-19 pandemic and workforce innovation and sustainability.
  • If you’re trying to develop a research strategy, looking for reviews, guidelines or summaries of evidence, then the Finding Evidence module on the Learning Hub is for you.
  • Introduction to Critical Care Nursing is a collection of workbooks that acts as a valuable revision tool for anyone needing to refresh their understanding of essential basic science.
  • Medicines Adherence: Level 1 Adherence Training highlights the negative impact of patients not taking medicine as prescribed and introduces ways to identify and overcome their barriers to adherence.
  • In the absence of fully established peer-reviewed data, learnings from clinical practice have been vital during the pandemic. That’s why in April 2020, our Education Academy began the online series Global: How I manage COVID-19 patients – meet the expert. The series brings together experts from around the world to discuss their learning from COVID-19 and answer pressing questions about how to manage patients – you can catch-up on the first series on the Learning Hub.

Preparing yourself for simulation training


  • Barbara’s story - a quarter of patients in UK hospitals have dementia, and the number is growing. This original training film produced by Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust has been used to raise awareness of dementia with our staff, staff in other hospitals nationally and across the world including USA, Germany, Canada, Sweden, and Qatar. Evaluation carried out by South Bank University found that Barbara’s Story made a lasting impression on staff and led to changes in how they do their jobs.
  • To complement Barbara’s story, a module titled Understanding Dementia is also available. It was created for clinical support workers, but also offers a quick accessible introduction to dementia for any student or staff member.

Alcohol dependency related resources 

  • Alcohol and Physical and Mental Health - in south London, 23% of mental health patients have an alcohol dependency, and over 15% of all hospital admissions are alcohol-related. This interactive module will help you understand the relationship between alcohol use and mental and physical health.
  • Five modules on working with alcohol users have also been developed to help staff detect and treat harmful alcohol use across a variety of health and social care settings.

Of course, these are just some of the resources available on our Learning Hub that may interest you at your stage in your academic or professional career. We’ve now more than 100 resources available – take a look!

2. Meet experts across the globe in our online educational series

Following the success of our first series, which you can catch-up on the Learning Hub as mentioned above, we’ve launched a new “Meet the expert” – global, clinical seminar series which brings together experts from around the world to discuss their learnings and answer pressing questions about how to manage patients.

Keep any eye on our events pages and Twitter for the next sessions – they take place on Tuesdays at 1pm.

3. You may also be interested in the Integrated Academic Training programme

The Integrated Academic Training programme allows clinicians in specialist training to develop academic skills at our world class university in partnership with our three leading NHS Foundation Trusts.

Trainees are recruited into two programmes – one for Academic Clinical Fellows and one for Academic Clinical Lecturers. A cornerstone of the programme is a dedicated course aimed at developing skills in independent translational research. This runs biannually throughout trainees’ tenures. Find out more information on the King’s College London website.

4. Our Designing Clinical Research course

If you’re a clinically qualified medical trainee, nurse, dentist, dental qualified staff, pharmacist, allied healthcare professional or healthcare scientist looking to enhance your skills in clinical research – the Designing Clinical Research Course may also interest you. Even though the current cohort is underway – you may be interested in finding out more information about the course for a future date.

In collaboration with the University of California San Francisco, we share the vital tools needed to write a robust clinical research protocol - the document that describes how a clinical trial is managed.

Over the course of three months, this course will guide potential researchers through the essential components they need in writing a clinical research protocol which is developed around a research question, including hypotheses, specific aims, study types, sample size estimation, power calculations and data analysis. Find out more on the King’s Health Partners website.

King's Health Partners is a provider of world-class education and training and we’ve recently updated our international education and training webpages – take a look at the King’s Health Partners website.

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