The latest COVID-19 staff health and wellbeing resources for you

Our Mind & Body team share their latest resources and support in response to COVID-19.

MindBody_front.pngThe second lockdown in England is an unsettling and challenging period for all our staff and students. The impact of COVID-19 continues to create unprecedented pressure on our people, and concerns about coronavirus and how it will affect you, your work and loved ones may be on your mind. Across King’s Health Partners we are always committed to supporting your mental health and wellbeing.

Our COVID-19 staff health and wellbeing pages include more than 20 staff health and wellbeing resources from trusted sources that have been developed locally, nationally or internationally. You can find materials on building individual and team resilience, managing distress, developing adjustment skills, accessing peer support networks and stress management tools.

Here are some resources we have recently added to our pages to help you through this uncertain time:

1. Our NHS People website – helping you manage your own health and wellbeing, whilst looking after others. This NHS site provides:

  • confidential support by phone.
  • support by text message.
  • wellbeing support apps.
  • 20 short guides, developed by a team of experts, to help support you with skills and new ways to improve your experience of work. These guides cover topics such as personal resilience, support for line managers and how to run your own 10 min Pause Space – these are ‘pop up’ spaces for teams and colleagues to re-set, recharge and re-commit.

2. NHS Employers– supporting staff’s mental wellbeing. The site includes the British Psychological Society’s three phases of support for NHS staff as they respond to COVID-19, which employers could consider when developing and implementing robust and comprehensive mental wellbeing support offers to their staff. Find out more on the NHS Employers website.

3. A free online resource exploring COVID-19’s impact on our wellbeing, mental health and coping strategies.

 4. South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Recovery College Webinar Rewinds shares a number of recordings – available to all – on themes such as managing anxiety during difficult times and moving towards self-compassion.

Here are some resources we shared earlier in the year, which may help support you at this time:

 5. Six tips on your mental health and wellbeing – this poster was developed by King’s Health Partners and Health Innovation Network and provides staff and communities with six top tips for maintaining good mental wellbeing and resilience. This poster provides targeted messaging for staff working at home and for residents and communities.

 6. The Royal College of Psychiatrists has published information about COVID-19 and how adults and young people can manage their mental health during the pandemic.

 7. South East London Clinical Commissioning Group has put together a list of clinical support to be used during COVID-19. The resource includes locally relevant and curated clinical support for primary care teams during COVID-19 pandemic. It covers both COVID-19 care and support in managing unwell patients who would normally be managed in secondary care.

8. Integrating Mental and Physical healthcare: Research, Training and Services (IMPARTS) has a range of COVID-19 self-help resources tailored to patients living with medical conditions including cardiology, liver, rheumatology and renal.

9. Public Health England’s Every Mind Matters campaign provides a range of support relating to mental health and wellbeing including anxiety, stress, sleep and low mood. Additional coronavirus related support has been developed for people staying at home and for managing anxiety.

10. Support the workers – a collaborative resource providing a series of evidence-based briefing notes on issues that are relevant during the COVID-19 response including extreme stressors, resilience, motivation, anxiety and fear, moral injury, post-traumatic stress disorder and leadership.

We are committed to joining up mental and physical healthcare, training and research to improve health outcomes for our patients and service users. Find out more about the important work we are doing.

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