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Learn about the education and training opportunities available to professional services staff across King’s Health Partners.

Education image Library originalContinuous learning, such as attending courses, keeping up to date with resources and training, is essential for our work and personal fulfilment. We are committed to supporting your continual study, learning and professional development through a wide range of events and online opportunities.

The King’s Health Partners Education Academy brings together our Clinical Academic Group (CAG) education and training leads, with experts in their field, to facilitate a broad and unique spectrum of training and education. They unite clinical and academic experts from our CAGs, who provide the foundations of our partnership and ensure integrated ways of working across research, education and clinical practice within King’s Health Partners.

None of our academic, clinical and research success would be possible without the support across all our professional services teams, such as business support staff, executive assistants, education managers, website developers, human resources, communications teams, project managers and finance teams. Your tremendous work and effort each and every day provides the foundations to keep our hospitals, institutions and universities running.

Here are some of the ways we support your professional development and learning throughout your career at King’s Health Partners and beyond:

Catch up on the King’s Health Partners annual conference

The King’s Health Partners annual conference took place on the 13 and 14 October. This landmark conference saw the launch of our new five-year plan – ‘Delivering better health for all through high impact innovation’. Through presentations from our diverse range of speakers working in academia, healthcare, community groups, and the wider public sector, as well as thoughtful questions from the audience, our plans to drive real benefit to our patients and communities were demonstrated throughout the conference. Watch our conference on demand.

Our e-learning platform – the Learning Hub

Our Learning Hub is a free online resource available to you as a part of the King’s Health Partners community and we are continually adding courses, resources and activities. With more than 70,000 staff and students a part of our partnership – there is something for everyone.

There are currently more than 100 resources available on the Learning Hub. On first glance you may think these resources mainly focus on clinical specialities, but there’s plenty you’ll also benefit from as a non-clinical professional.

Below, we have listed just some examples of the types of resources available that may interest you:

  • Professional Development – this area of the Learning Hub is home to 15 courses and resources to benefit your development throughout your career, such as teaching behaviour change and adapting safely in healthcare.
  • Our realising your potential course shares a wealth of videos from inspiring leaders across our partner organisations and their life perspectives on how to achieve your career goals.
  • Barbara's Story - a quarter of patients in UK hospitals have dementia, and the number is growing. This original training film produced by Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust has been used to raise awareness of dementia with our all staff across our partner organisations. The stories used in the film truly are powerful – we encourage you to watch.
  • Introduction to Anxiety aims to help staff recognise when anxiety may be a problem in a person's life and suggests further assessment and support.
  • Mind and Body Healthcare: Addressing mental and physical health needs explains how physical and mental health commonly influence each other.
  • Our CAG workshops explore a variety of themes, such as insights from the COVID-19 pandemic and workforce innovation and sustainability.
  • Learnings from clinical practice have been vital during the pandemic. That is why in April 2020, our Education Academy began the online series Global: How I manage COVID-19 patients – meet the expert. The series brings together experts from around the world to discuss their learning from COVID-19 and answer pressing questions about how to manage patients – you can catch up on the first series on the Learning Hub.

Keep any eye on our events pages and Twitter for the next sessions – they take place every Tuesday at 1pm.

Stay up to date with our virtual events

We run a wide range of learning and engagement events right across our partnership. Stay tuned to our events pages for more details.

COVID-19 Staff Health and Wellbeing

The COVID-19 outbreak has created unprecedented pressure on health care services across the globe. Our COVID-19 Staff Health and Wellbeing webpages provide a range of staff health and wellbeing resources from trusted sources that have been developed locally, nationally or internationally. Our webpages are updated regularly to ensure that you can access timely, accurate and relevant resources all in one place.

Education Academy workstreams

The Education Academy has a number of active workstreams including leadership, simulation, Mind & Body education and widening participation. Each workstream includes colleagues from across our partner organisations, so there are plenty of opportunities to contribute to the success of King’s Health Partners through our education and training initiatives. If you would like to contribute to these workstreams or others  – please contact our Education Academy Administration Manager – Rachael Jarvis -

Safety Connections network events

The Safety Connections Network runs events and conferences which bring together staff and students from across King's Health Partners to share best practice and learn more about the latest developments in patient safety. Visit our events page to find out about any upcoming events.

Recognition of excellent education and training at King’s Health Partners

Are you currently running a short course to upskill staff, or do you have short course ideas you’d like to explore further? We are very proud of the King’s Health Partners approval process which recognises excellence in education and training. You can put forward short courses to be recognised by King’s Health Partners. The process to do so is streamlined and straightforward. All you need to do is complete a short course approval form, we review the proposal and if successful your short course will be approved by King’s Health Partners and made available on our Learning Hub.

Colleagues who have been through the process, said:

Our courses have been submitted for approval from King’s Health Partners, and the new process has been straightforward, requiring information on the course scope, demand and finances.
By having King’s Health Partners approval it emphasises the links between the university King’s College London and the clinical settings of Guy’s and St Thomas’, King’s College Hospital and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trusts, and shows that the academics are closely aligned to the NHS and research.

King's Health Partners is a provider of world-class education and training and we’ve recently updated our international education and training webpages – take a look at the King’s Health Partners website.

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