What makes our Education Academy innovative and world-class

Looking back on 2020, we explore how King’s Health Partners Education Academy used innovative solutions to support staff and students during the pandemic across the globe.

Education academyThe King’s Health Partners Education Academy brings together expertise across our partnership to develop and deliver innovative education and training opportunities for our students, staff and healthcare professionals across the world.

Last year, like many organisations across the globe, we experienced major challenges in delivering education and training due to COVID-19. Yet, despite these difficult circumstances, we used innovative solutions to deliver education and training and responded rapidly to support colleagues working on the frontline.

Following the publication of King’s Health Partners Education Academy Annual Report 2020, we look back at some of our Education Academy’s key highlights from last year:

1. Our “Meet the expert” – global, clinical seminar series

In 2020 we saw more than 2,300 attendees joining our new series. The series brought experts across the globe together to share their experiences of managing patients with COVID-19 and this, in time, developed to include other medical conditions. Since November 2020, the series has been officially hosted in collaboration with the European University Hospital Alliance. We have had speakers from prestigious academic institutions across the globe, including University of Pennsylvania, USA and Tata Memorial Centre Advanced Centre for Treatment Research and Education in Cancer. To find out more about the series and listen to previous sessions, login to the Learning Hub, with your partner organisation’s credentials, and search “meet the experts.”

 2. We developed new online courses

New online courses have developed and added to the Learning Hub to support staff and students. Our online platform now has more than 14,000 registered users, who are benefiting from more than 100 e-learning courses and resources, such as:

 3. We supported redeployed staff

King’s Health Partners Education Academy worked with nursing colleagues to develop unique resources for non-critical care staff asked to move from their normal working environments into critical care areas. A new area on our Learning Hub was created, dedicated to COVID-19 resources.

4. We created the joint Royal Brompton and Harefield and King’s Health Partners Virtual Training Calendar

We codeveloped a new Training Calendar for medical and surgical trainees to view development opportunities across King’s Health Partners, including choices from Royal Brompton and Harefield.

5. We rapidly moved all our research capacity and training opportunities online

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Centre of Adherence Research and Education (CARE) adapted their existing training (face to face workshop with role-play). They created one session which included pre-recorded presentations and bespoke films which focused on adherence support strategies and real-life scenarios.

The Academic Foundation Programme, Post Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology for Integrated Academic Trainees and Designing Clinical Research course also successfully moved online.

Read our King’s Health Partners Education Academy Annual Report 2020 in full.