Develop your skills with King’s Business School

The business school of King’s College London has two new programmes on offer - Finance for Strategic Impact and Leadership & People Management - giving staff across our partnership the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills with the support of expert academics and professionals. 

kcl business schoolFinance for Strategic Impact  

This course will be held over three days 22nd – 24th September and is designed for professionals in mid to senior level positions involving responsibility for organisational finances. 

It is relevant for those who do not have a financial background but whose careers would benefit from more effective understanding of the field, or those who want to leverage their financial expertise to support their career. 

The course’s benefits

This course brings together academic and professional expertise to support learning and benefits include:  

  • Enhanced decision makings skills at the operational and strategic levels.  
  • Greater confidence when engaging in financial discussions. 
  • Increased ability to deconstruct costs and revenue. 
  • A greater appreciation of budgeting and project appraisal processes. 

Those from a finance background will also benefit from:  

  • Increased awareness of how finance professionals can collaborate within their organisation. 
  • Improved ability to communicate financial information to stakeholders. 
  • Understanding of how to move into a broader leadership role. 

Leadership & People Management  

This intensive programme will be held over four days 2nd – 5th November, with an optional session for participants to showcase their learnings on 14th December.  

This programme is designed for mid-career professionals and managers as an opportunity to enhance leadership skills. This course blends input from expert academics and professionals, including an in-depth experiential workshop directed by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations; the country’s leading institution in developing and supporting organisational leadership in an applied and practical way. 

Course participants will learn the principles and lived experience of leadership, and how to apply them, through sessions and an individual work-related project supported by a coach. A final session will combine an opportunity to deliver a presentation, network, and go over learnings, focusing on implementing learnings. 

The course’s benefits

For staff taking on new responsibilities or a larger team, this course can help to: 

  • Develop personal leadership skills. 
  • Apply cutting-edge theory to the workplace and unique management situation. 
  • Understand the dynamics of leadership and team-working. 
  • Learn alongside managers and leaders from other sectors, locations and organisations. 

What to expect from this course 

The content of this course draws on leading research, exploring theory and evidence, and experience of leadership.  

Contemporary perspectives on leadership will be explored and participants will develop their understanding of the politics of leadership. The course also looks at the role of emotions in leadership and to develop and utilise emotional intelligence effectively.  

Participants will also experience an in-depth simulation of an organisational system and given the opportunity to experiment, observe and critique leadership styles. The participants will have the opportunity to lead across teams and reflect on how this impacts others. 

King’s Health Partners staff can apply for a 25% saving on these two programmes. 

To find out more visit the King’s College London website

For further information or a conversation about any aspect of either of these programmes please email Michele Gray