Media highlights

19 August

Marking a 40-year NHS career by abseiling down St Thomas' Hospital

Suzanne Roberts, Head of Integrated Rehabilitation Services at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, who is celebrating her retirement by taking part in St Thomas’ Abseil. Suzanne began her career as a physiotherapist and has spent 40 years in the NHS. The Islington Gazette, Southwark News and Charity Today covered this story.

COVID Symptom Study

The Sun shared data from the COVID Symptom Study and a quote from Tim Spector, King’s College London, in an article on COVID-19 vaccine efficacy over time. The Daily Mail also reported that data from the study has shown the number of people falling ill with COVID-19 across the UK has fallen in the past week.

22 August

World's first cell therapy trial for post COVID-19 fibrotic lung disease

The Mail on Sunday reported on the first human cell therapy trial for the treatment of post COVID-19 lung scarring, led by Mr Ashish Patel, consultant vascular surgeon at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and a clinical senior lecturer within the King’s College London British Heart Foundation Centre for Excellence, School of Cardiovascular Medicine and Sciences.

24 August

Reducing the risk of experience symptoms of 'Long COVID'

BBC News has shared stories from young Long-COVID sufferers, referencing research from King’s College London that shows having two doses of the vaccine approximately halves the risk of experiencing symptoms which last more than 28 days after becoming infected with COVID-19.