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Invest in yourself with our Learning Hub

We have put together the step-by-step guide below to help you access all the high-quality courses developed by experts across our partnership.

What is the Learning Hub and who is it for?

The Learning Hub is an education and training resource developed for staff, students, and trainees across King’s Health Partners (KHP). 

It means you can access learning and development courses online, at any time, to help boost your career and potential.

The Learning Hub hosts recordings of many of KHP’s virtual events and provides a variety of e-learning resources.

So how does it work?

First thing you will see when you visit the Learning Hub is a question – are you part of King’s Health Partners?

Learning Hub guide pic 1

When you click through, you will get the opportunity to login using your existing credentials, you do not need to set up a separate profile.

Learning Hub guide pic 2

Now that you are in the front page, you have a number of ways to find the course(s) that is right for you.

The purple drop down lets you take a look by discipline.

Learning Hub guide pic 3

If you are after something specific – type that into the ‘what do you want to learn?’ box. You can also take a browse down the homepage of the popular topics and top-rated courses.

Learning Hub guide pic 4

What do I do if I find a course I would like to take?

Under each course you will spot an option to ‘add to basket’.

Learning Hub guide pic 5

Proceed (twice) then you will get a confirmation message with a link to the course itself to access at the time of your choosing.

Learning Hub guide pic 6

What types of courses are available?

There are several different kinds of course including:

  • Interactive modules;
  • Academic Foundation Programme – finding literature, academic writing, clinical decision making, motivational interviewing;
  • Surgical Training - short courses;
  • Simulation development and training resources;
  • Recordings of workshops (e.g. south east London Blood Pressure Workshop).

For many courses you can get a certificate confirming you have completed the course which can be used for evidence of continuous professional development and shows your commitment to improving patient care, learning and development or research.

Our popular webinar series are also available to watch via the Learning Hub, including:

What if I have a course I would like to submit to the Learning Hub?

At the bottom of the homepage, you will find ‘Do you want to develop e-learning courses with us?’ 

Learning Hub guide pic 7

From there you will be asked to complete a form to build a profile of the course.  The team are here to help and will work with you to ensure that your course development is straightforward, and that learners benefit from a seamless online experience.