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Create a course for the Learning Hub

Find out how you can create your own educational resources and online courses on King’s Health Partners (KHP) Learning Hub.

Get your course on the Learning HubThe Learning Hub is an education and training resource developed for staff, students, and trainees across KHP. It’s gone from strength to strength over the last year with more than 16,000 users recorded and 46 new courses launched in 2021. Feedback from students and staff has been excellent with many confirming they achieved their educational aims.

We have set out below how you can get involved and deliver your own educational course:

How do I get started?

A typical course development cycle involves having an initial discussion with you about what exactly you would like to create, and the best way it can be delivered to your audience. Get in touch with the KHP Learning Hub team via this contact form to schedule a meeting so you can discuss your ideas in more detail.

What next?

Once you’ve had an initial discussion with the team and developed your ideas further, you will then need to fill out the online form with more details about your course. You will need to provide more details about yourself; your course, including the level of difficulty, format, language, audience, and certification; a short description of the course and any modules; as well as any additional information.

What if I need support developing my content?

We understand that thinking about developing an online course can be daunting. You may already have an idea about what your course should cover, but the technical aspects of transforming your ideas into online learning may be a bit of a barrier. That’s precisely where KHP’s Learning Hub team can offer you direct support. They will work with you to ensure that your course development is straightforward, and learners benefit from a seamless online experience. They’re a small but agile team, so please don't hesitate to get in touch  if you have any questions.

What happens once the content and format is agreed?

The team will test the material and gather some feedback, before creating the next version. Once any finishing touches are added to the course, it will take its place among other courses on the Learning Hub. The team will also help you gather feedback analytics to ensure the aims and objectives, as well as the learner needs. are being met.

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