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Candidates for a Research Design Prize

In 2022 King’s Health Partners hosted the Designing Clinical Research Course (DCR) in collaboration with the University of California, San Francisco.

A scientist in a white lab coat looks into a microscopeAt the end of the course the best research protocols were presented at an event and Laith Alexander, Academic Foundation Doctor, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience at King’s College London (KCL) (IOPPN), and Holly Lovell, Lead Research Midwife for the GUARD Trial at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, were made the overall winners.  

Following on from last year, King's Health Partners will be individually running a new Clinical Research Training Programme. The programme will help students to develop the tools they need to write a robust clinical research protocol. Lessons will cover a breadth of topics, including: designs and populations for trials; statistical methods; ethics and patient and public involvement in research; costing, finance and project management; pitching your project to a panel.

Knowledge and skills

Leading specialists will guide you through the entire process, so you have the knowledge and skills you need for every step of your clinical research journey. At the end of the course a few participants will be selected to present to a King's Health Partners panel who will judge the winning proposal and award the prestigious KHP Research Design Prize.  

Students will engage with leading specialists, at face-to-face sessions where they will have the chance to ask pressing questions and explore different topics. To support other commitments there will also be a flexible independent online learning element. The course has been designed to show students how to develop their presentation and networking skills.

Students will also learn how to peer-review – providing constructive critique of their co-learners’ work and manage feedback for their own work. Professors, academic researchers, and statisticians from across King’s Health Partners will help students throughout the course to reach their goals.  

The course begins with a 90-minute introductory session on Monday 2 October and continues with weekly group session on Microsoft Teams, alongside further online learning to be completed outside of the sessions. Click here to find out how to apply. Applications will be accepted until 12pm on Monday 18 September. For more details about the course view the course flyer