Areas of focus

Our Academic Surgery aims to drive surgical excellence across all specialties, improving education, training, access and networks for all of our students and surgeons. As our programme develops we will post the latest areas of focus here.

Academic Surgical Grand Rounds

Join our innovative and dynamic lecture series informing practising surgeons, undergraduate and postgraduate trainees who aspire to be surgeons, along with allied healthcare professionals who support day-to-day work, about the latest themes in surgery.

The aim is simple; to provide a framework in which the King's Health Partners (KHP) surgical community can come together and network, develop friendships and relationships with national and international colleagues, present high-quality research and inform others of progress in their specialist field.

Celebrating pioneering surgeons through our Grand Round Professorships

As part of our Grand Round series, flagship, our visiting lecturers are offered a Professorship which we have chosen after two prominent surgeons in history.

The first is Sir Astley Paston Cooper, who was a famed anatomist and surgeon operating in the late 1700s and early 1800s, recognised for his work at Guy’s Hospital which has a Dialysis Unit named after him. He was known in particular for vascular surgery, surgery for hernia, aneurysm, otology and serving as president for the Royal College of Surgeons. The second surgeon is Margaret Bulkley, who was also known throughout their life as Dr James Barry. Operating throughout the late 1700s and early 1800s, Bulkley-Barry was a famed military surgeon and performed the first ever recorded and successful caesarean section. Bulkley-Barry was a pioneer both in their professional and personal life, as they lived as a man but it was in fact discovered upon their death that they were female and had even given birth. We want to honour this individual as a pioneer whilst respecting their gender identity choice - which is why we have chosen to name this series the Bulkley-Barry-Cooper Professorship. You can read more about their fascinating life in our guest article by the esteemed author, Jeremy Dronfield.

You can watch all previous Grand Rounds in your own time by visiting our Learning Hub and adding the course to your basket for free. Alternatively, you can watch the sessions on our King's College London media channel.

Patient and public engagement

Colleagues across King's Health Partners have been working with the Old Operating Theatre to develop educational videos to encourage interest in surgery and medicine for young students and the general public.

In the video below, Joydeep Sinha gives an insight into his role as Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Improving the curriculum 

In the video below, Mr. Chu Yiu, Consultant Surgeon, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, Lead for Surgery, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery Programme and Prof Prokar Dasgupta, Professor of Surgery, King’s Health Partners, discuss the improvements they have made to the undergraduate curriculum:

Improvements to the curriculum