Staff wellbeing, education and training

King’s Health Partners has, and continues, to support the response to COVID-19 by creating and sharing staff health and wellbeing materials, developing online educational resources and creating virtual spaces to share learning on how to manage patients with COVID-19.

Supporting staff wellbeing

Mind and bodyThroughout the pandemic we have emphasised the importance of staff health and wellbeing, and supported our partners’ response in the following ways:

Developing materials for staff to help them provide the best possible care for patients

To offer targeted support for the tangible changes affecting staff during the pandemic we have rapidly developed new education and training materials, including:

Sharing knowledge locally, nationally and globally

King’s Health Partners has established new forums to share learnings about the novel disease, COVID-19.

  • In April 2020, we launched the online series Global: How I manage COVID-19 patients – meet the expert. The sessions brought together experts from around the world to discuss their learning from COVID-19 and answer pressing questions about how to manage patients. Since its launch, the series has broadened its remit to include more key topics from medical academia alongside COVID-19. The series is now officially hosted in collaboration with the European University Hospital Alliance. As of May 2021, we have welcomed over 3,900 attendees across 46 events. All sessions are available on our Learning Hub, free for staff and students across King’s Health Partners.
  • Our primary care webinar series brings professionals from the across the healthcare system in south east London together to discuss the COVID-19 response in primary care settings and share learnings.
  • Our Clinical Academic Innovation workshop series 2020-21 is an opportunity for health care professionals, clinicians, academics and other key stakeholders across King’s Health Partners and south London to discuss how best to realise our vision to deliver better health for all through high impact innovation. Key topics have included emerging insights and learning from the COVID-19 pandemic, compassionate leadership for a sustainable workforce and urban population health.
  • King’s Health Partners Safety Connections Network is an opportunity for colleagues to learn about patient safety experiences and hear from experts about improving the safety, effectiveness and experience of care.

Facilitating online learning

King’s Health Partners has adapted to our new virtual learning environments in a range of ways. This includes: 

In April 2021, the Mind & Body team made the Level 2: Mind and Body Awareness and Communication Skills for Adults available on the Learning Hub. The course aims to improve competence in managing challenging clinical situations about interacting physical and psychological needs.

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