Mind and body education and training

We are committed to delivering education and training to help our staff provide joined up and evidence-based mental and physical healthcare to our patients and service users.  

Mind and body elearning

Our Mind and Body education and training programme is designed to support all of our staff to understand the connections between mental and physical health and to feel more confident, empowered and able to provide joined up care which focuses on all of a person's health needs. 

Our current training provision for physical and psychiatric comorbidity capitalises on our unique position as providers of both acute and mental healthcare services. The focus will be on interprofessional, experiential, and patient-centred training.

Read our Learning and Development strategy (December 2017)

Training opportunities for King's Health Partners staff

Learning and Development resources mind and body training matrix

This evolving document signposts staff to existing learning and development opportunities for mind and body care. The opportunities are divided into three levels based on professional roles and core competencies. 

Mind and Body eLearning 

This interactive resource explains how physical and mental health commonly influence each other, and helps all healthcare professionals recognise the additional health needs of their patients and identify appropriate services to refer them to.

King's Health Partners Learning Hub

A summary of mind and body e-learning opportunities on the King's Health Partners Learning Hub.

Mind and body clinical skills course

Free to all clinical staff at our partner trusts, this course aims to equip medical, psychiatry, nursing, and therapies staff with clinical skills to help manage both the physical and psychological needs of patients.

Email eliza.hinchliffe@slam.nhs.uk to register.

IMPARTS seminar series 

The IMPARTS project has initiated a series of termly half-day seminars, addressing some of the current research and clinical work happening within King's Health Partners. The seminars focus on the physical/mental health interface and are designed for students, researchers and clinicians.  

IMPARTS five day teaching course

The IMPARTS programme runs a five day teaching course for healthcare professionals working in general hospital settings on key clinical skills in the assessment and treatment of common mental health problems. The course runs one day week over five weeks and covers the key mental health presentations to the general hospital setting. Each day covers a difference topic: 1) distressed/depressed patient, 2) the patient with medically unexplained symptoms, 3) the confused/agitated patient, 4) the substance misusing patient, and 5) managing conflict.

Teaching is interactive, including role plays with actors, and supplemented by online material. The course can also be offered as a Level 7, 15 credit module for people studying for an MSc. Contact lauren.rayner@kcl.ac.uk for more information.

Maudsley Simulation

Maudsley Simulation is the UK’s first simulation training centre focusing on mental health with the aim of improving services for all who are affected or impacted by mental health issues. A range of courses are offered, including ones focused on the interaction between mental and physical health.


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Responding to needs

In 2015, we carried out a review of our existing training offer and of the requirements of our staff. The review identified exemplary training practices in certain areas, significant need in others and an overall need to provide training a more joined up way. You can use the links below to read full and summary versions of the report, including the recommendaions it made, and the latest update report on progress made in delivering them.

Mind and Body Education and Training Report 2015

Mind and Body Education and Training Report 2015 (summary version)

Mind and Body Education and Training Project Report 2015/16