Resources for Champions

We have recently published guidance on what it means to be a Champion. This takes the form of a framework, which describes the range of activities that Champions can do to support our objectives for the network: to increase awareness of, to advocate for, to practice in our day-to-day roles, and to be a local leader for mind and body care.  

Increase your and your team’s awareness of mind and body
Complete the Mind & Body e-learning, and use the posters and videos Resource Pack below to build awareness of mind and body within your team, and follow us on Twitter.Group with Cogs

Advocate for mind and body care
Promote the Mind & Body Programme and the Champions Network to your team, particularly by filling in and using this presentation template, encouraging colleagues to think more about mind and body care, and possibly also signing up as Champions.

Practice good mind and body care in your day-to-day role
Get involved in opportunities that are offered by the Mind & Body team such as Champions events, focus groups and IMPARTS seminars, and make the most of our education and training offer.

Be a local leader for mind and body care
Get in touch with us at to discuss ways you can lead, whether it’s working with us to identify and respond to barriers to mind and body care, kicking off a service improvement project, or by writing a blog on your experiences of mind and body.

Resources Pack

These resources are here to help you advocate and raise awareness for joined up healthcare, encourage your teams to complete the Mind & Body e-learning, and role model mind and body practice.

Mind & Body e-learning - a short e-Learning on the relationship between mental and physical health.

Mind and body statistics flyer - an A4 sheet with some key facts about the interaction of mental and physical health that can be distributed in the workplace and shared with colleagues. 

Poster for staff areas - a brief A4 poster with short paragraph on the Mind & Body programme at King's Health Partners that can be displayed in communal areas.Mind and Body resources

Poster with space to include contact details - A4 poster with space to write in your contact information to identify a point of contact to talk about the Mind & Body Programme. 

Champions flyer - a double sided A4 leaflet of information on the programme and Champions network that can be distributed to colleagues looking for information.

Video to show to staff - Don't separate the inseparable: a short animation explaining the importance of mental and physical health integration.

Patient, service users and the public information page - There are lots of resources for patients, service users and the public about mind and body, incuding condition-specific resources

Mind & Body Progress report - read about 

Learning and Development

Mind & Body e-learning opportunities - a look at the wide range of digital learning opportunities available to staff and champions.

Mind & Body education and training - a comprehensive list of our education and training opportunities.

Mind & Body staff development funding - a guide to applying for funding to undertake in-person training.

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