Is your substantive employer within King’s Health Partners?


Your substantive employer is the organisation or institution with whom you have your contract of employment with and who pays your salary.

You may also have an honorary contract with other NHS Trusts or Universities to allow, for example, clinical work, access or lecturing – they are not your substantive employer.

For students

King’s College London students

King’s College London is the lead sponsor for King’s College London students.

For help with non-clinical/health studies, please contact King’s College London’s Research Management and Innovation Directorate (RMID).

For all other patient and staff studies please contact the relevant office based upon:

a) Who your clinical lead or academic supervisor is and where they hold substantive or
honorary contracts.
b) Which King’s Health Partners Trust will be the lead recruiting research site.

For King’s College Hospital contact kch-tr.research@nhs.net, for Guy’s and St Thomas’
contact guys.grants@kcl.ac.uk and for South London and Maudsley contact slam-ioppn.research@kcl.ac.uk

Other students

Students from universities other than King’s College London, please contact your university for further guidance.

Potential collaborators

If you have a potential collaboration idea or are a sponsor and would like one of the King’s Health Partners Trusts or University to act as a host site for your research, please contact the relevant NHS Trust or Institution via the Contact Us link, who will be able to assist in any set up requirements, signpost where necessary and help identify potential PIs or collaborators.

Research passports

A Research Passport is the mechanism for non-NHS staff (Higher Education Institues (HEI)) to obtain an Honorary Research Contract or Letter of Access for carrying out research in the NHS. The Research Passport system provides:

  • Checks on a researcher proposing to conduct research in the NHS
  • A standard application form, which is completed by the researcher, authorised by their HEI and validated by an NHS organisation
  • A completed Research Passport is then presented to the relevant NHS organisation.

King's Health Partners Honorary Passports

A King's Health Partners Honorary Passport is an alternative mechanism for staff substantively employed by a King's Health Partners organisation to obtain access for carrying out research in King's Health Partners organisations only. The King's Health Partners Honorary Passport system provides: 

  • Checks on a researcher proposing to conduct research at King's Health Partners
  • A customised King's Health Partners application form, which is completed by the researcher and authorised by their employer
  • A completed King's Health Partners Honorary Passport which is then validated by the Principal Investigator responsible for the study the applicant needs access to.

NHS to NHS proforma 

The NHS to NHS proforma is the mechanism for NHS staff to obtain a letter of access for carrying out research in another NHS organisation. This system provides:

  • Assurance that the NHS organisation has undertaken all the necessary NHS checks of employment when the staff member was hired and these can be applied to the work that the individual will undertake at other NHS organisations
  • The substantive employer’s HR department will need to complete and sign the pre-engagement checks (NHS/NHS Proforma) document
  • When the NHS organisation receives this document, a letter of access to come on site to work on the study can be issued.

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