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King's Kongo Central Partnership

Following an invitation from the UK Congolese diaspora, King’s Kongo Central Partnership (KKCP) was founded in 2013. KKCP supports the strengthening of the health care system in the Kongo Central province in the southwest corner of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) through capacity building of individuals, institutions, and systems.

Its focus has been on addressing the high burden of trauma due to road traffic collisions on the arterial route connecting the Atlantic port cities of Boma and Matadi with the capital Kinshasa. The partnership works with the provincial Ministry of Health and Education, the Hôpital Provincial de Reference de Kinkanda (Matadi) and the Université Joseph Vubu (Boma). These institutions provide services for a population of 6 million.

The partnership works to improve outcomes from trauma for patients and the wider community. This is being achieved through:

  • trauma system development
  • training of health care workers and medical students
  • research to inform policy
  • delivery of quality clinical care.

Through short-term volunteer visits and an in-country volunteer for one year, KKCP has worked to support government structures through mentoring, providing clinical care and supporting training programmes. Achievements since the founding of the partnership include:

  • development and piloting of a trauma registry at the Hôpital Provincial de Reference de Kinkanda
  • establishment of a weekly orthopaedic multi-disciplinary team meeting
  • delivery of the trauma and orthopaedic curriculum at the Université Joseph Vubu
  • participation in research projects on topics including the management of open fractures, trauma training in low resource settings and trauma registries.

We do not currently have any opportunities in the Democratic Republic of Congo but please get in touch if you are interested in discussing volunteering with King’s Global Health Partnerships at