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King's Somaliland Partnership

King’s Somaliland Partnership (KSP) is one of the UK’s largest and longest-running global health partnerships. The partnership connects UK and Somaliland experts and institutions to improve healthcare in Somaliland.

Somaliland is a self-declared but internationally unrecognised state in the Horn of Africa.Somaliland

Somaliland faces many challenges including poor health indicators, a shortage of well-trained health workers, weak regulation, international isolation, but it is making progress against the odds. Emerging from a conflict that only ended in the 1990s, this young democracy has held successive free and fair elections and remains peaceful in a tumultuous region.

King’s Health Partners works with education institutions, healthcare providers and government bodies in Somaliland to build capacity in the country’s healthcare system and deliver training and support to educators and clinicians.

KSP is run from the King’s Centre for Global Health and Health Partnerships, alongside partnerships with Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Their mission is to help governments improve healthcare and its outcomes by empowering people, strengthening organisations and enhancing systems. As part of the King’s Health Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre, the Centre brings the health, academic and development communities together, drawing on the strengths of each.

Future Priorities

Following extensive planning and consultation, KSP has selected four future priorities to sit alongside their existing higher education work:

  • Clinical engagement: Delivering hospital management, quality improvement and clinical programmes, combined with national level policy and regulation work
  • Clinical specialty training: Supporting the development of much-needed postgraduate clinical training for Somaliland nurses and doctor
  • Research and research capacity building: Delivering capacity building programmes and linking Somaliland partners with UK academics to carry out primary research in partner priority areas
  • Facilitating Somaliland partners to secure and manage their own resources: Supporting Somaliland partners to secure and manage resources to pursue priorities independently of KSP.


KSP's flagship Prepared for Practice (PfP) project is the first to begin implementing under the Department for International Development's Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform programme. PfP is addressing Somaliland's health workforce crisis by transforming Somaliland higher education. Read more here.

Our Impact

King's Somaliland Partnership has:

  • examined every doctor and the majority of nurses to have graduated since Somaliland's founding
  • pioneered online teaching, becoming the first organisation to deliver a real-time, interactive programe in a fragile state
  • co-published 35% of Somaliland's health research output, as of 2016.

The Prepared for Practice Project

The Prepared for Practice Project is funded through the Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform (SPHEIR) programme. SPHEIR is a UK Department for International Development (DFID) initiative, set up to catalyse innovative partnerships in low-income countries to improve the performance, governance and influence of higher education systems and institutions.

Prepared for Practice works to address Somaliland’s health workforce crisis by reforming health education, putting practice-orientated learning, teaching and assessment at its centre. A key part of this project is supporting the delivery of undergraduate education to medical, nursing and midwifery students in Somaliland through online teaching.

For some topics, the expertise does not yet exist in Somaliland, whereas for others our aim is to build on what is already being taught, providing more space for case-based discussion. The three universities that receive these courses are; Amoud University, University of Hargeisa and Edna Adan University Hospital, all long-standing partners of King's Somaliland Partnership.

Current volunteer opportunities

1. Online Undergraduate Courses 2020-2021

King’s Global Health Partnerships (KGHP) are recruiting interprofessional volunteers with experience in health education to lead and deliver established and accredited online courses to Somaliland undergraduate medical and nursing students this academic year via our partner online education platform, MedicineAfrica.

These online short courses are a key part of The Somaliland Partnership’s flagship DFID-SPHEIR funded project, Prepared for Practice. They have been co-designed by Lead Volunteers in the UK and Somaliland University Faculty and are delivered multiple times over the year to small groups of students in Somaliland. An exact timetable will be confirmed in September, but indicative times and dates are in the table below.

In addition to the role of Volunteer Tutor, this year we are also recruiting volunteers to co-lead our Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and Radiology groups, working alongside our most experienced volunteers.

For more details on both of these roles please read the Terms of Reference.

Online Courses 2020-2021


Tutorial topics usually covered (90min)

Delivered to…

Suggested Date/Time


Trauma, Sepsis diagnosis and management, Abdominal pain, hernias paediatric and adults, head injury

6th year medical students

Sundays at 6-8pm BST and 5-7pm GMT.                                                     

Internal Medicine

UGI Bleeding, Chest pain, Stroke, Seizure, Breathlessness

6th year medical students

Sundays at 6-8pm BST and 5-7pm GMT.                                                     


The surgical abdomen, management of septic shock, Diabetes/ DKA, Neonatal hypoglycaemia

6th year medical students

Sundays at 6-8pm BST and 5-7pm GMT.                                                     .                                                     

Obs and Gynae

Hypertension in pregnancy, PROM/PTL, STI, PPH, Family Planning

6th year medical students

Sundays at 6-8pm BST and 5-7pm GMT.                                                     

Basic Research Skills

Introduction to statistics, data analysis and how to present data

5th year medical students

Sundays at 6-8pm BST and 5-7pm GMT.                                                     

Communication Skills

What is communication?, breaking bad news, review of communication concepts

4th year medical students

Saturdays/ Sundays at 11am-1pm BST and 10am-12pm GMT      


CT head and trauma, abdominal radiograph, chest radiograph, trauma: upper limb, trauma: lower limb

5th year medical students

Sundays at 6-8pm BST and 5-7pm GMT.                                                     


diagnosis and management of neurologically ill patients

5th year medical students

Sundays at 6-8pm BST and 5-7pm GMT.                                                     

Mental Health

Teaching supports mental health ward rotation focusing on case- based discussion

6th year medical students

Sundays at 6-8pm BST and 5-7pm GMT.                                                     


paediatric seizure, trauma and paediatric emergency (dehydration), mental health

4th year nursing students

Wednesdays 2.15-4.15pm BST

and 1.15-3.15pm GMT


obstetric emergencies, mental health, change management, research and its application

3rd year midwifery students


Next Steps…

If this is something you would be interested in taking part in, please send your C.V. and a completed application form to specifying in the subject of the email which role and for which course you are applying for. The deadline for applications is the 31st August 2020.

2. Health Professions Education Course 2020-2021

King’s Global Health Partnerships (KGHP) are recruiting interprofessional volunteers with experience in health education to deliver modules of our Health Professions Education Diploma, Master’s course to Somaliland faculty this year. If you are interested please read below for further information and how to apply. 

The opportunity

We are looking for volunteers with experience in education to deliver Diploma and Master’s modules of the Health Professions Education course, an in-depth teaching programme for faculty at our partner institutions, University of Hargeisa, Amoud University and Edna Adan University. Each module team will have a minimum of two volunteers, as well as support from the HPE Course Leads and King’s team. Expected commitment includes a period of planning and preparation in the UK, module delivery (currently planned for online due to Covid-19), followed by some further student support and marking of assignments. Volunteers will receive a detailed induction to the PfP project and the Partnership. For more information on the role please consult the role description.

Who do we want?

You will be a health educator with at least 3 years teaching experience, as well as experience or a demonstrable interest in the field of global health and international development. Previous volunteers have been from a wide range of health backgrounds, including doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, physiotherapists and global health educators.        

The Health Professions Education course 

The Health Professions Education course works to build the capacity of teaching staff at Somaliland’s leading health schools and, in turn, reform institutional standards and practices. For the first time in Somaliland, formal training opportunities are provided for university personnel, in the form of an inter-professional health education Certificate, Diploma and Master’s. As the project advances an increasing number of activities will be handed over from UK to Somaliland colleagues.

Health Professions Education Course, 2020-2021:

Available Modules for Teaching

Proposed online module dates

Diploma module 6. Educational administration and leadership


November – December 2020

Diploma module 7a. Practical teaching evaluation project

Diploma module 7b. Teaching evaluation project follow-up

January – February 2021 Part A

March - April 2021 Part B

Master’s Dissertation Supervision (topic relevant to Health Professions Education)


September 2020 – May 2021

Master’s Dissertation teaching (topic relevant to Health Professions Education)


September 2020, November 2020, January 2021

Next Steps…

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please apply by sending your C.V. and completed volunteer form to Please be sure to clearly state which module(s) you are interested in the body of your email as well including ‘Volunteer Application for Health Professions Education Course’ in the subject of your email.   

The first deadline for applications is 6 September 2020, but please apply as soon as possible particularly for Module 8 as it is coming up soon and we may fill places before this time.

The STEP Project

Our STEP project aims to improve the quality of care for trauma and surgical patients at Hargeisa Group Hospital through the introduction of triage in the emergency department, the use of early warning scores (EWS) on surgical wards, implementation of the WHO’s safe surgical checklist and primary trauma care training. 

There are currently no new opportunities avaialble for the STEP project.