Secure your place on new Mind & Body training

Hear from the Mind & Body programme team about why you should secure your place on our new Level 2: Mind and Body Awareness and Communication Skills for adults.

Did you know 30% of people with long-term physical health conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis or heart problems, also have a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety? There is also the stark reality that the average life expectancy for someone with a long-term mental health illness or learning disability is 15- 20 years shorter than for someone without.

Despite these worrying statistics and heightened awareness, many of our healthcare services are still working to overcome the traditional divide of treating mental health separately from physical health.

The Mind & Body programme helps bridge the divide between mental and physical health in healthcare settings by providing you with the tools you need to ensure you look out for both patients’ mental and physical health.

Our new, free Level 2: Mind and Body Awareness and Communication Skills for Adults aims to do just that. Through this course, you will be able to improve your confidence and competence in managing challenging clinical situations about interacting physical and psychological needs.

The course is made up of two parts – the 1-hour long e-learning course which you can complete at any time in your own pace, followed by a quarterly live masterclass session to put what you learned in practice through role-playing and didactic learning.

We hear from key members of the Mind & Body programme about why you should take up our new training:

You can access the training via the King’s Health Partners Learning Hub.

Get in touch with any questions with the Mind & Body team at: