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  • Podcast listing
    Haematology29 March 2023Haempearls podcast - direct-acting oral anticoagulants

    The latest podcast from King's Health Partners Haematology tackles commonly asked questions from primary care colleagues.

  • Thumbnail collage 2 listing
    News, Mind and Body news29 March 2023Mind of the Matter – expert-led YouTube playlist tops 100k views

    Our vision is to empower patients and the public with trusted information to help promote wellbeing.

  • Endo awareness twitter listing
    News, Women's Health28 March 2023Endometriosis Awareness Month

    King’s Health Partners Women and Children’s Health rounds up the key facts about endometriosis.

  • John royce maguiza listing
    KHPeople28 March 2023KHPeople: John Royce Maguiza

    "It was a type of cancer that could’ve been detected and treated early" - A Clinical Nurse Specialist shares what drove him to specialise

  • Katie susser 590x400 listing
    Mind and Body news28 March 2023Top tips to balance sleep with critical care

    Katie Susser, Critical Care Recovery Nurse Lead, shares her thoughts on the importance of sleep for patients receiving critical care.

  • Shey forbes taylor listing
    KHPeople28 March 2023KHPeople: Shey Forbes-Taylor

    KHP's Digital Content Manager takes us behind the scenes of producing the Mind of the Matter video series, and why she loves what she does.

  • London bus listing
    Value Based Healthcare, Blog28 March 2023Integrating data, reducing inequalities

    Justine Patterson guest blogs on how Lewisham’s public health platform used the Vital 5 to reduce health inequalities.

  • Blood high resjpg listing
    Blog, Haematology28 March 2023What’s next for CAR-T?

    Dr Robin Sanderson of King’s College Hospital and King’s College London updates on this therapy that is designed to kill cancer cells.

  • Janet hayden listing
    Haematology , KHPeople28 March 2023KHPeople: Janet Hayden

    The lead for Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) Closer to Home shares how patient ideas informed the project.

  • Laura magee 590 x 400 listing
    News, Women's Health15 March 2023KHPeople: Prof Laura Magee

    Following International Women’s Day, Samara Ruberg sits down with Prof Laura Magee to learn more about her research on pregnancy.

  • Yijing li 590 x 400 listing
    Informatics , News15 March 2023KHPeople: Dr Yijing Li

    The Deputy Director of the Centre for Urban Science and Progress (London) explains the importance of data to inform strategy.

  • Alistair duncan 590 x 400 listing
    Diabetes, Endocrinology, Nutrition, Obesity, Vision and Related Services, News15 March 2023KHPeople: Dr Alastair Duncan

    Find out how Dr Duncan gained his passion, the best thing about the job, and when to not let your line managers off the hook.

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