Clinical Academic Groupings

By bringing staff and students together from across our partnership, we foster a culture where our clinicians teach, our researchers practise and our teachers research. This enables us to drive real change and ensure our patients have access to the best possible care informed by the latest research.

Alongside our 18 Clinical Academic Groups (CAGs), which brings clinical and academic experts together from across their fields of expertise, our five Clinical Academic Partnerships (CAPs) provide the foundations of our partnership and ensure integrated ways of working across research, education and clinical practice.

Our Clinical Academic Partnerships harness our partner’s combined expertise in five key specialties:

  • Cardiovascular;
  • Diabetes, Endocrinology and Obesity;
  • Haematology;
  • Neurosciences; and
  • Women and Children’s Health.

This ensures even closer integrated ways of working to drive internationally competitive outcomes. These areas of focus were chosen because of not only our combined strengths in them, but also to target our focus on the needs of our local communities.

Through the CAPs and CAGs we encourage even closer integrated ways of working to deliver real benefit to our patients, through efforts such as the consolidation of key research, international education programmes, and sharing resources and skills by working as 'One Team' across our organisations so patients benefit in a quicker and more sustainable way. Our Mind & Body programme works closely with all our Institute teams to better join up mental and physical healthcare, training and research to improve mental and physical health outcomes for everyone.

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