Spring opening plan for new outpatient building

Work has begun on the creation of a new building for outpatient services at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. 

The new building will be situated next to the existing Normanby Building on the hospital’s Denmark Hill site, with its entrance facing Bessemer Road.

New building at King's College Hospital siteThis is an exciting developing for the Trust, as the new facility will enable them to free up space within the main hospital, helping their teams to reduce waiting times, and improve the experience of patients visiting hospital for urgent care. In total, there will be 48 purpose built, brand new consultation rooms and eight procedure rooms.

The new four-storey building will house a range of outpatient services including dermatology, rheumatology, respiratory, neurosciences, pain, and urology as well as some aspects of surgery and therapies.  

The building is a modular construction, which means that much of the building is created off site, with parts delivered to the hospital site where they are fitted together. This helps minimise building noise and keeps disruption to an absolute minimum. 

The timetable for completion of the work is as follows: 

  • Foundations and ground works: August – September 2021. 
  • Delivery and construction of modular building: Autumn/Winter 2021. 
  • Internal fitting and decoration of modular building: Spring 2022. 
  • Opening and ready for use by patients and staff: Late Spring 2022. 

For the duration of December and early January, there will be an increased presence of construction traffic and contractors on site while the Trust oversee the lorries delivering the parts of the building. King’s College Hospital is open as usual. 

As stated above, every effort will be made to keep on site disruption to an absolute minimum while the construction works are ongoing. The hospital team are grateful to patients, visitors and local residents for their co-operation and support. 

If you are a local resident and are interested in or have questions about the transformation under way at King's College Hospital, please email kch-tr.stakeholderrelations@nhs.net