Staff news

After ten years as Director of Psychology and Psychotherapy, Al Beck [pictured] will be leaving South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust this month.Al Beck

Al has worked for over 30 years in NHS and Social Care settings in a range of clinical roles specialising in work with mentally disordered offenders and young people in the care system. Within South London and Maudsley, she has brought together psychology and psychotherapy into a single professional structure. She has championed a range of initiatives to increase fairer access to careers and services. She has worked with staff from all backgrounds in clinical, research and service improvement fields collaborating with many external bodies and organizations, nationally and internationally. 

Al has led many programs which included changing the demographic profile through training and recruitment of the psychology and psychotherapy workforce.  Al would like to thank her colleagues for their tireless work building services including the flagship staff support service over the last decade. The staff support service now includes Schwartz Rounds, Critical Incident Staff Support, and a range of individual and team based interventions including online and community forum developments. These services are increasingly provided by and to staff across the entire ICS footprint. 

Al would like to personally thank staff who gave their time generously to run these services; including members of the corporate psychology and psychotherapy team (past and present).  Also, within the boroughs; the heads of psychology and psychotherapy, other key staff and trust advisors who have and are making huge strides in broadening and deepening access to a range of evidence based psychological therapies which cater to individual choice and difference. She would also like to thank all the brilliant 'back office' staff (without whom the NHS could not function) who have helped her so much over the years.

On behalf of everyone at the partnership, we wish Al every success in the future.