Our Governance

King’s Health Partners (KHP) is governed and supported by these groups:

The KHP Board

The KHP Board sets and drives the strategy for King's Health Partners. It is chaired by the Independent Chair of King’s Health Partners.  

The KHP Board oversees our major partnerships, developing our priorities and strategy. It is responsible for driving the delivery of our five-year plan and ensuring the benefits are realised across the health and life sciences agenda; locally, nationally and internationally. 

The KHP Executive Group

The KHP Executive Group drives and challenges our progress and delivery.  

It is responsible for ensuring we make the most of our assets and links as a national and global partnership, in allignment with our partners. It offers King’s Health Partners oversight of the pace and development of all of our major programmes and activities.  

The KHP Executive meets quarterly and is formed of a group of representatives from across King’s Health Partners including Medical Directors, Strategy Directors, Site Chief Executive and School Deans. Attendance from King’s Health Partners includes our Executive Director, Director of Partnerships and Operations, and Director of Strategy.  

Membership also includes the Chief Executive of Health Innovation Network (South London) and Director of NIHR Maudsley BRC. 

CAG Leaders and key programmes and partnerships

To drive the development, impact and operation of our Clinical Academic Groups (CAGs), CAG Leaders meetings occur bi-monthly. 

Many of our programmes and partnerships form their own programme Boards to drive operational delivery. these include, KHP Neurosciences, KHP Haematology, KHP Women’s and Children’s Health, KHP Diabetes, Endocrinology and Obesity, KHP Cardiovascular and Respiratory Partnership Programme, and KHP Mind & Body.