KHP Education has developed a strategy Beyond the Curriculum to complement our partner and system priorities, including King’s Clinical Academic Training Office.

Our vision is to provide an environment offering excellence in continuing professional development that inspires our people across the breadth of health and science professions, providing distinctive opportunities beyond the curriculum, improving outcomes for our patients and partners.

The strategy helps us to prepare health and science people for the rapidly changing health environment, providing knowledge and supporting professional development at all career stages.

Our strategic priorities

King’s Health Partners Education will be well-positioned to meet the needs of the healthcare workforce and the community, and to advance patient care, education, and research.

We will focus on two priorities:

  • Leadership
  • Health Data Sciences

By developing three enabling domains:

  • Working with King’s Clinical Academic Training Office to support career pathways for clinicians and researchers pursuing a clinical academic career.
  • Increasing the breadth and diversity of people working within and benefiting from our partnership, working closely to support our joint work on widening participation through our partners and local system.
  • Growing the King’s Health Partners Learning Hub capability and capacity to support high-quality, accessible postgraduate education that meets the needs of our health and science people delivered sustainably for our partners. 

Read our strategy

(PDF) Beyond the Curriculum – KHP Education Strategy 2023-2028 

(PDF) Beyond the Curriculum - KHP Education Strategy 2023-2028 Summary