Education Academy

The Education Academy oversees the education and training activities of our partner organisations to ensure consistent standards of excellence for all students and staff.

Our Education Academy raises the profile of education and training activities across our partnership and ensures effective co-ordination between our Clinical Academic Groups and our partner organisations. The Education Academy draws together expertise across King’s Health Partners to develop and deliver innovative education and training for our students, our workforce and beyond.

The Academy has a portfolio of learning approaches that include the best, proven technological developments to meet the diverse needs of learners. It is responsible for the accreditation, quality assurance and dissemination of innovative learning methods and technologies.

Within the Academy the workstreams are:

  • Global Health Education and Training - led by Paula Baraitse
  • Leadership - led by Marita Brown & Fay Blackwood
  • Mind Body Education - led by Dr Sean Cross
  • Optimising Medicines Use - led by Professor Graham Davies
  • Postgraduate Clinical Education - led by Mr Tj Lasoye
  • Quality Assurance - led by Dr Jonathan Koffman
  • Research Capacity Building - led by Professor Anne Greenough
  • Simulation - led by Dr Peter Jaye
  • Team Based Practice and Learning - led by Professor Rick Iedema
  • Technology Enhanced Learning - led by Dr David Byrne
  • Widening Participation - led by Professor Stephen Thompson

Read our Education Academy 2017 Executive Summary detailing updates for each workstream over the past year.

For more information about any of these workstreams email 

Staff Development Fund

King’s Health Partners is piloting the introduction of a staff development fund to help eligible individuals meet the cost of personal development opportunities such as attending conferences or undertaking short courses. 

Anyone who is employed by one of the organisations which form King’s Health Partners can apply. Applications are invited from staff from all professional backgrounds.


The Education Council overseas the Education Academy and Clinical Academic Group Education and Training matrix structure. Read more about Education Academy governance.  

Safety ConnectionsSafety connections

The Safety Connections Network runs events and conferences which bring together staff and students from across King's Health Partners to share best practice and learn more about the latest developments in patient safety. Visit our events page to find out about any upcoming events. 

Read the Safety Connections 2018 slides