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Since its launch, the series has broadened its remit to include more key topics from the world of medical academia alongside COVID-19, and until May 2021 has welcomed more than 4,000 viewers, globally. Topics include inflammatory disease in children; diabetes and endocrine disease; cancer immune therapy; cardiovascular specialities, among many others. You can catch up on previous episodes on the Learning Hub. The series is now officially hosted in collaboration with the European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA). Keep an eye on our events pages for upcoming sessions.

Clinical Academic Innovation

The clinical academic innovation workshop series focuses primarily on the four themes of our five-year plan, launched in October at the King’s Health Partners annual conference

In June, we kicked off the series with a session on ‘Emerging insights and learning from the COVID-19 pandemic’ which focused on improving outcomes for people with diabetes  PCR testing  and supporting colleagues facing challenging ethical decisions.  

For the second workshop in the series, we started exploring questions relating to theme four of our five-year plan on workforce innovation and sustainability. There was some challenging questions raised during the session which prompted us to sit down with our keynote speaker, Professor Michael West, for a more in-depth conversation.    

In November, we delved into theme one on novel technologies, therapeutics and diagnostics.  Attendees left with a deeper understanding of collaborations taking place across the partnership, with examples from genetics, immunology and digital health. 

In the coming months, we will be responding to requests from attendees to learn more about how the latest technologies are engineering better health for the population.  We will be sharing progress through case studies of developments which are accelerating advances in medical device manufacturing using artificial intelligence.  

You can stay tuned for upcoming sessions on the King’s Health Partners event webpages and catch up on previous clinical academic innovation workshop series sessions on our Learning Hub.  

At the King’s Health Partners primary care workshops, experts working in clinical and research settings in south east London share their insight on ensuring safe, high quality and preventative care, light of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can catch up on our previous sessions on the King’s Health Partners Learning Hub. We now also have a new section on the Learning Hub, dedicated to primary care

Academic Surgery

King's Health Partners Academic Surgery aims to facilitate outstanding surgical science collaborations, improve education for the next generation of surgical trainees and inspire students pursuing exciting surgical careers. One of its flagship services is the launch of a new Grand Round series, offering focused monthly presentations from renowned experts on surgical innovations across specialties.

Each Grand Round welcomes two prestigious speakers to give a seminar, with one focussing on a surgical specialty and the second sharing a keynote lecture which is awarded the Bulkley-Barry-Cooper Surgical Professorship certificate. This world-class innovative and dynamic lecture series has a simple aim; to provide a framework in which the King’s Health Partners surgical community can come together and network, develop insights, collaborative solutions and relationships with national and international colleagues.

During 2021, the fourth Thursday of every month will be dedicated to the King’s Health Partners Academic Surgical Grand Round from 5pm to 6pm. You can catch up on the series via our Learning Hub or join us live via Zoom! Stay tuned on the King’s Health Partners webpages for more details of our upcoming sessions.

Safety Connections

Improving quality and delivering better value care locally and nationally has never been more important. A focus on continually improving care for people using our services, including patient safety, effectiveness and experience is vital. The Safety Connections Network runs events and conferences to bring together staff and students from across King's Health Partners to share best practice and learn more about the latest developments in patient safety.

By watching King’s Health Partners Safety Connections Network, either live or on our Learning Hub, you can learn from colleagues about their real-life patient safety experiences and about quality improvement - how to improve the safety, effectiveness and experience of patient care. Quality improvement aims to use different tools and methods to improve the quality of care and outcomes for patients. Read more about the Safety Connections Network. Visit our events page to find out about any upcoming events.